Skull Creek is an official map for the Showdown event. This map is affected by the Healing Mushrooms modifier.

Skull Creek is also a discontinued map for the Lone Star event with no version used to separate it from the map played in Showdown.


The map has a maze-like center with large clumps of bushes on the left side of the map. The bottom and top right both include stumps distributed unevenly just like the bushes. The 2x2 walls in the bottom left are of equal distance from each other however.


  • Note that there is little point in going to the middle, as there is no particularly abundant loot there. However, to a thrower it can be a strategic position as you can attack other players without them attacking you.
  • Depending on who you want to play as, there are a few advantages you can get based on positioning.
    • When playing as a heavyweight like Rosa or El Primo, the bottom left is recommended as you can sneak up on people easily. Most sharpshooters are at a disadvantage if they move in this gridded area unlike the neighboring bushes.
    • If playing as a long-ranged Brawler such as Colt or Bo move into the left section of this map where you have more range for attacks.
    • Assassins should play near the stumps where they can do tick damage and be safe from sharpshooters like Piper.
  • Sprout should play in the center just like other throwers. By doing so, Sprout can ensure hits with almost every attack as well as be able to block openings.
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