Sidelines is an official map for the Present Plunder event. It was added in the Pirate Brawlidays update.


The map's presents are blocked by barriers only separated by smaller bush patches. The side lanes have a larger bush clusters growing outwards towards the map's corners.


  • The side bushes are more fit for heavyweights, the right lane provides less bushes as Brawlers move towards the enemy team's side.
  • Going through the center is the safest option but requires a Brawler that can maneuver around obstacles quickly.
    • Max and Mortis can both accomplish this while tackling enemy throwers.
  • Brawlers playing the side lanes will have to support their middle lane teammate time to time. As a result, long-ranged Brawlers aren't recommended.
  • The open space around the present's spawn locations means throwing presents immediately to teammates should be the middle lane Brawler's goal.
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