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Shrouding Serpent is an official map for the Duels event.


The sides are full of many blocks around the sides. Near the spawn points show 2 tree pots. On the middle shows a "serpent-like" bush at the center of the map, along with some 2x2 crates with barrels on their top and bottom. The map is not diagonally symmetrical.


  • Nice picks are brawlers with high health and long range such as Nita and Pam. You can pair them with a short range brawler like Edgar and Rosa and a long ranged brawler like Piper and Brock.
  • Many tanks can work with the abundance of bushes, such as El Primo and Rosa. When using Rosa, you can make great use of her Unfriendly Bushes Gadget to quickly burst down many opponents, and if necessary can even charge your super and use it (such as when facing another tank).
  • Piper with Ambush Star Power or Brock with Incendiary Star Power works really well at pressuring and denying areas.
  • Using the Speed Gear in this map is a very good choice, because it is vital for pressure and aggression.
  • Brawlers that can destroy bushes like Brock, Amber and Shelly can be used to separate the bushes into two parts. Therefore when the enemy comes he/she shall be in your view.
  • Long-range brawlers are especially useful on this map, due to the massive amount of bushes, but short-range brawlers can be very useful as well; they can hide in the bushes and wait for brawlers to come close, and then unleash a powerful attack. To balance the difference between brawlers that do more damage up close, such as Fang, and brawlers that do more damage from far away, such as Piper, are middle range brawlers that do more damage up close, yet still are able to deal an amount of damage from far; therefore Shelly, who can still deal a mass of damage with her Clay-Pigeons gadget, or Leon.


  • On 16/12/21, Shrouding Serpent was added to the game.