Shooting Star is an official map for the Bounty event.


The map is a notably open map with only a few amount of walls protecting Brawlers from open fire. Near the center star are two 3x3 lakes that act as permanent obstacles for the map.


  • Sharpshooters such as Piper are close to unstoppable on this map. By destroying a few 4x1 walls and clusters with her Super, she can force enemies out of hiding if they choose to move forward.
    • Brock with his Incendiary Star Power can pressure enemies from dodging shots by forcing them to take damage if they choose to fall back.
  • With the walls still intact, throwers such as Tick can reliably handle Brawlers hiding behind the 4x1 walls.
  • Medium-ranged Brawlers should be able to supply large amounts of support if they would like to succeed with the long-ranged meta of this map. Bo's Super allows him to put enemy movement to a halt, or otherwise deal considerably amounts of damage. The sparse amount of bushes on the map make his Circling Eagle Star Power a less than ideal choice.
  • Penny's Balls of Fire Star Power can act as a replacement to throwers. Penny's above average range also allows her to function as a decent sharpshooter, although she cannot act as a sniper replacement because of her general low damage output.
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