Scorched Stone is a community map for the Showdown event. This map is affected by the Meteor Shower modifier.


In this map, there are loot crates around the edges, one or two in the U shaped areas facing away from mid, and up to seven at the middle. For Solo Showdown, eight of the spawn positions are around the edges, and two are on either side of the middle. For Duo Showdown, all of the spawns line the edge.


  • If you spawn in on the edges, go for the nearest crates you can find, and don't try to get to the middle immediately, as chances are you will meet someone else on your way or already there - and they will kill you.
  • If you spawn at the middle, go for the boxes, but be careful of bush campers. Whenever you go to the middle, shoot around first to be careful.
  • Both Bull and Bo are good here, as Bo's Circling Eagle allows him to spot bush campers, and Bull can camp for himself.
  • Frank is good here because of his ability to use his Super on enemies behind the water pools while he's in the middle.
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