Scorched Stone is a community map for the Showdown event. This map is affected by the Angry Robo modifier.


The map has Power Cube boxes around the edges with one or two in the U-shaped areas facing away from the center and up to seven at the center. The map's walls point towards a central 2x2 wall cluster with a bush border. The center is ringed by a dozen cacti.


  • When spawning, go for the nearest boxes immediately. Going to the center at the start is risky as chances are there will a Brawler waiting to ambush Brawlers already.
    • Heavyweights and assassins may be able to get to the center first thanks to their above average movement speed.
  • Bo's Circling Eagle Star Power makes him an ideal teammate for Duo Showdown late in matches.
  • After getting at least two Power Cubes, knock out at least one Brawler and wait till the poison clouds reach midway before heading in.
  • Darryl's water traversing Super allows him to be a pseudo-assassin in case Brawlers are using the lakes for cover.
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