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Safety Center is a community map for the Showdown event.


The center is shaped like a compass with walls separating the four sides. In the periphery there are a multitude of L-shaped walls, as well as 12 lakes. The corners include more arrow-like bushes with walls protruding from the middle. The map is very unsymmetrical with a vast majority of boxes located in-between walls and corners.


  • Brawlers with decent spread including Crow, Leon and Bo are great for bush-checking because of the arrow-like bushes and corners, as well as having a high win-rate in this mode in general.
    • Other notable Brawlers with high spread include Gene and Pam which are more suitable for Duo Showdown.
  • The center of the map is most suitable for brawlers with high attack such as Bull, Darryl and Shelly.
  • Bo's first Star Power Circling Eagle is very useful in this map as it lets you see in the bushes around you while still being protected on your side decreasing the chances of getting ambushed by other Brawlers in the bushes.
  • The lakes in this map are hard to traverse around which gives Darryl plenty of opportunities in escaping or ambushing.
  • Frank has the highest range for a heavyweight, as well as having a high spread attack enough to check the bushes in the center of the map with a single attack. With his gadget, Frank will almost be guaranteed to stun any Brawler that ends up surviving late in matches
  • Using brawlers such as Colt and Rico can be useful because of their long range attacks and high damage output (if you hit all of their bullets).
  • Carl can be a good brawler since there are a lot of walls and he can quickly rack up mass damage. He can also use his gadget Flying Hook to pass through the water to ambush opponents.
  • Squeak can have the advantage of hitting enemies behind walls and deal great damage. After enemies are hit once, they will be spotted and located by Squeak as the blob sticks to them. Also, you could throw its super in the center and explode blobs into bushes to check whether there are bush campers.
  • Rosa can establish good control over the center of the map with the combination of Unfriendly bushes gadget and Plant Life Star power. Her Star power will help her quickly recover light damage inflicted by brawlers who are attempting to check bushes while her gadget can help her take out brawlers hiding in the adjacent bushes
  • Surge is great on this map. Use his Power Surge Gadget to finish off low-health Brawlers like Colt or Crow, who are generally seen on the outskirts of this map. The placement of bushes and walls on this map provide adequate cover for Surge to ambush and corner Brawlers. His high burst damage and Super knockback makes it difficult to take Surge out.


  • On 18/12/19, Safety Center was added to the game. Safety Center was affected by the Healing Mushroom Modifier.
  • On 02/07/20, Safety Center was now affected by the Angry Robo Modifier.
  • On 10/09/20, Safety Center was removed from the game.
  • On 15/12/20, Safety Center was added back to the game without a Modifier.
  • On 27/01/21, the environment of Safety Center had changed from Storm Valley theme to Mortuary theme.
  • On 11/11/21, Safety Center was featured in the Singles Challenge as a Stage III map.
  • On 13/02/22, Safety Center was featured in the El Corazon's Duo Challenge as a Stage I map.
  • On 01/03/22, Safety Center was removed from the game.