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Royal Flush is a community map for the Gem Grab event.


The map's side lanes contain bush pathways and a few clusters of walls. The left lane bush clusters points towards a smaller bush patch while the right lane bush cluster points towards another major bush cluster. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • The 4x2 bush on the lower right can be a good spot for Piper with her Ambush Star Power or any other sharpshooters, since there is an open middle lane for them to focus down Brawlers in their line of sight.
  • The left lane Brawler should play as a gem carrier while their teammates play aggressive in the right lane.
  • The largest two bush clusters are also the closest to the gem spawn. Ambushers should be designated to those bushes, unless they're largely destroyed.
  • Brawlers playing aggressive should stick to barrels as they're located in important locations. Controlling these barrels can control two lanes at the same time.
  • Supports should preferably be a burst Brawler or a temporary sharpshooter that can handle sudden ambushes.
  • If enemies are locked in their spawns, the Brawler playing support can move up to the enemy team's 4x2 bush. However, do note that the enemies can make an escape if the team is uncoordinated.


  • On 29/08/19, Royal Flush was added to the game.
  • On 18/12/19, Royal Flush was removed from the game.
  • On 03/08/22, the environment of Royal Flush was temporarily changed from the Old Town theme to the Canyon theme. Royal Flush was featured in the Clash 10th Anniversary Challenge as a Stage III map.