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"This boxing botanist will plant her feet and go toe to toe! Her Super gives her tough, vegan protective gear."
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Rosa is a Rare Brawler who has very high health and a high damage output. Her attack is a flurry of three short-ranged punches from her boxing gloves. Her Super grants her a temporary but significant damage-reduction shield. Her first Gadget, Grow Light, spawns bushes around herself that any Brawler can hide in. Her second Gadget, Unfriendly Bushes, instantly damages and slows all enemies hiding in bushes. Her first Star Power, Plant Life, heals her slightly over time when she is in bushes. Her second Star Power, Thorny Gloves, adds additional damage to her attack while her Super is active.

Attack: Hands of Stone

"Rosa throws a flurry of powerful punches with perfect technique!"

Rosa fires off three short-ranged punches in a wide arc, dealing moderately high damage. Since her attack range is rather short, Rosa has to get up close to her targets in order to damage them. Her attacks can pierce multiple enemies. The attack takes 1.05 seconds to complete, which slightly hinders her ability to deal immediate damage.

Super: Strong Stuff

"Rosa gets a second skin of tough vine for 3 seconds, decreasing all damage received by 70% for the duration."

Upon activation, Rosa gains a shield that reduces all damage Rosa takes by 70% for 3 seconds, along with an altered appearance.


Grow Light

"Rosa fertilizes the ground around her and bushes instantly grow to provide great cover."

Upon activation, Rosa instantly grows a 3-by-3 section of green bushes where she is standing. These bushes last for the rest of the match unless they are destroyed by any obstacle-destroying ability (like Colt's Super), the Supers of Sprout or Amber, after a goal is scored in Brawl Ball, or after a round is over in Knockout. They can’t grow inside obstacles or beneath the safe in Heist.

Unfriendly Bushes

"All opponents hiding in bushes take 100 damage and get slowed down for 3 seconds."

When activated, enemies inside bushes immediately take 100 damage and get slowed for 3 seconds. Since the damage reveals them, this Gadget is good for judging the location of enemies inside bushes.

Star Powers

Plant Life

"Rosa recovers 200 health per second when inside a bush."

While Rosa is inside of a bush, she heals for 200 health every second.

Thorny Gloves

"Rosa's punches gain +220 damage during her Super."

While Rosa's Super is active, Rosa's attack gains 220 extra damage, effectively making her damage 864 per punch and a total of 2592 damage if all 3 punches hit.


  • Rosa thrives in Showdown. When using her Super, she can take on Brawlers like Bull, Darryl, and Shelly who would normally defeat her in close-quarters combat, by utilizing the enormous damage reduction provided by her Super and still expect to come out on top, but you’ll still need to be wary of Shelly’s Super and her ability to chain it. Rosa is also an excellent bush camper when her Plant Life first Star Power is equipped. With her Plant Life equipped, she can hide in bushes where she heals and attack while healing when an enemy comes by.
  • In Brawl Ball, use her Super before collecting the ball and then run into the goalpost to score. Her high health, above-average speed and ability to wipe out whole teams with her Super make her very viable in Brawl Ball. However, be mindful when trying to walk the ball into the goal: many Brawlers have Supers or other abilities which can stun or knock you back, thereby preventing you from scoring. Watch out for those Brawlers such as Frank, Shelly, Tara, Bibi, etc.
  • Rosa and El Primo have the same movement speed, but Rosa's range is slightly longer and wider, meaning that she’s able to escape and attack him while being out of his range. This technique can also be used when dealing with enemy Rosas. Walk away from the enemy while also attacking towards them, and they should walk into your punches.
  • Her Super has an extremely high damage resistance but has a somewhat short duration so make sure not to overestimate it’s power, especially if her health is low. If you are dealing with a Brawler you know you can't defeat for whatever reason, such as Bull (without her Super) immediately activate the Super when they get close in order to resist losing by taking large amounts of damage. This gives you a better chance of staying alive or even defeating the enemy.
  • If she can surprise the other team (in any mode) while her Super is active, she can continuously chain Supers, wiping their team. However, remember the shield doesn’t make her invincible and it’s possible for defeat against a high-damaging team composition in the space in which it is down, such as one of those teammates being a Nani.
  • Rosa's Plant Life Star Power allows her to heal 200 health per second while in a bush. Be sure to use this when battling another Rosa which allows her to out-heal the enemy while still damaging them. In maps with a lot of bushes, she’ll be difficult to eliminate, especially in Snake Prairie, Island Invasion, and NruhC nrevaC. She can even use Plant life to counter tick damage, such as Crow's or Byron’s poison and El Primo's El Fuego Star Power. Even without Plant Life, Rosa can still prove to be above-average when hiding in bushes.
  • It is advisable to use Rosa’s Plant Life Star Power on maps where there are many bushes and her Thorny Gloves Star Power on maps where there is less cover.
  • In Duo Showdown, be sure to have a team composition that can cover Rosa's weaknesses. The most obvious choices are any mid/long ranged Brawlers, these include Brock, Piper, Colt, or even Carl in some maps.
  • Her Super can save her in tough situations due to the high damage decrease. Use her Super when fighting another Brawler that might knock her out.
  • Rosa’s Grow Light Gadget can be used to add and connect bushes to make it easier for her to ambush opponents. When paired with her Plant Life Star Power, Rosa can use her Grow Light Gadget to passively heal herself when wounded in battle.
  • When fighting another Rosa, don't use a lot of ammo when their shield is up. Instead, wait until the effect stops so you won't waste your ammo.
  • Rosa's Unfriendly Bushes Gadget can be used to briefly reveal all enemies hiding within a bush due to it dealing 100 damage with infinite range. If the enemy revealed is close to her, she’ll be able to view and catch up to the enemy and defeat them easily due to the slowing effect from the Gadget unless the enemy has an ability to increase their movement speed, has an ability to decrease her movement speed, or has enough damage and health to take her out before she could do so when she doesn't have her Super charged up.
  • Rosa is a heavyweight, so she counters assassins like Edgar, Crow, Leon, Stu, and Mortis. With the exception of Edgar, you can usually engage these Brawlers at 1-tile distance and come out on top, so always maintain close quarters with them. In the case of Edgar, keep a few tiles distance because he out-damages Rosa, but she out-ranges him.
  • As a tank, Rosa is countered by control Brawlers, which can push, knockback, pull, slow, or stun with their Supers. These are mid-range Brawlers that have high damage and usually low health, such as Emz and Spike. Usually, try to avoid these Brawlers unless you know the odds are in your favor.
  • Rosa's best 3v3 modes are Gem Grab and Hot Zone. She works well as a Gem carrier in Gem Grab because of her movement speed, healing abilities, and high health. She can also be used to protect and tank shots for allies Gem carriers (don’t try to tank if the enemy has a Jessie, Penny, Surge, or Belle). Because she is good in close-quarters combat encounters but outranges the other melee Brawlers in the game, she’s also a good choice for Hot Zone. She’s also a decent pick for Bounty, Siege and Heist due to her high health, survivability, and high damage output (with the exception of Snake Prairie).

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"Aloe aloe aloe."
"Botany for the win!"
"Oh, bother."
"Haha! Beaten by a boxing botanist!"
"I'm wilting!"
"Flower power!"
"Time to take care of the weeds!"
"I rose to the occasion!"
"You're having a laugh!"
"Ready for composting."
"Ah! Fungus!"
"Time to blossom!"
"Rosa is my name, botany is my game!"
"You grow girl!"
"Blooming 'eck!"
"Weed 'em and reap!"
"Tempest florally!"
"Petals to the meadow!"
"Leaf me alone."
"Make like a tree and leaf."
Rosa moans
"Weed 'em and reap, darling."
Rosa groans
Rosa groans


  • 19/4/19:
  • 26/4/19:
    • Rosa became available to play in matches. Neutral
  • 30/4/19:
    • Rosa's Super shield protection was decreased to 70% (from 80%). Nerf
    • Her Super's duration was decreased to 4 seconds (from 6 seconds). Nerf
    • Fixed a bug with an enemy Rosa's shield effect not being displayed correctly. Neutral
  • 21/5/19:
    • Rosa's Super duration was decreased to 3 seconds (from 4 seconds). Nerf
    • The number of hits necessary to charge her Super was increased to 10 (from 9). Nerf
    • Her Plant Life Star Power healing was decreased to 200 (from 300). Nerf
    • Rosa's main attack effect now better matches the area where damage is dealt. Neutral
    • She was given voice lines. Neutral
  • 11/6/19:
    • Rosa's main attack damage was decreased to 460 (from 480). Nerf
    • The number of hits necessary to charge her Super was increased to 11 (from 10). Nerf
  • 3/7/19:
    • Rosa's Thorny Gloves Star Power was added. Neutral
  • 29/8/19:
    • Rosa's health was increased to 5200 (from 5000). Buff
  • 18/9/19:
    • Rosa's health was increased to 5400 (from 5200). Buff
    • Her Thorny Gloves damage was increased to 220 (from 200). Buff
  • 17/3/20:
    • Rosa's Grow Light Gadget was added. Neutral
  • 10/9/20:
    • The number of hits necessary to charge her Super was decreased to 9 (from 11). Buff
  • 22/10/20:
    • Rosa's winning animation was reworked. Neutral
    • Rosa's Grow Light Gadget now always spawns green grass regardless of the map theme. Neutral
  • 31/10/2020:
    • The Brawl-o-ween Rosa skin was unlockable by winning the Brawl-o-ween in-game challenge. Neutral
  • 19/2/21:
    • Rosa's Unfriendly Bushes Gadget was added. Neutral
  • 7/4/21:
    • Rosa and her Brawl-o-ween skin received face animations. Neutral
  • 9/4/21:
    • Fixed a bug that applied Rosa's face onto her plant's face. Neutral
  • 2/7/21:
    • The Coco Rosa Skin was added. Neutral