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"Rosa is a botanist with a strong connection to plants. She's also a boxer, and won't hesitate to punch one of her specimens if it goes out of control!"
Rosa Portrait

Rosa is a Rare Brawler who has high health and a high damage output. Rosa's Trait allows her to charge her Super from enemies damaging her. Her attack is a flurry of three short-ranged punches from her boxing gloves. Her Super grants her a momentary but significant damage-reduction shield. Her first Gadget, Grow Light, spawns bushes around herself. Her second Gadget, Unfriendly Bushes, instantly slows and slightly damages all enemies inside bushes. Her first Star Power, Plant Life, heals her over time when she's inside bushes. Her second Star Power, Thorny Gloves, adds extra damage to her attack while her Super is active. Her Hypercharge, Grasping Roots, creates a temporary zone in a circular area around her that slows enemies down inside it.


"This Brawler charges Super from damage received."

Whenever Rosa takes damage from enemy Brawlers or spawnables, she charges her Super. The Super charge rate depends on the damage the enemy deals. It takes 2.4x Rosa's max health of damage to charge her Super completely, and all damage is calculated after shielding and other effects.

Attack: Hands of Stone

"Rosa throws a flurry of powerful punches with perfect technique!"

Rosa throws a flurry of three short-ranged, piercing punches in a wide arc, dealing moderately high damage. Since she has a short range, Rosa must maintain close range of her targets in order to damage them. The attack takes 1.1 seconds to complete, which slightly hinders her ability to deal immediate damage.

Super: Strong Stuff

"Rosa gets a second skin of tough vine for 3 seconds, decreasing all damage received by 70% for the duration."

Upon activation, Rosa gains a shield that reduces all damage she takes by 70% for 3 seconds, along with an altered appearance.


Grow Light

"Rosa fertilizes the ground around her and bushes instantly grow to provide great cover."

Upon activation, Rosa instantly grows a 3-by-3 section of bushes where she is standing. These bushes stay indefinitely unless they are destroyed by any obstacle-destroying ability, the Supers of Sprout or Amber, after a goal is scored in Brawl Ball, or after a round is over (in certain events). They can't grow over obstacles or beneath the safe in Heist. The bushes also give off golden particles to show that they are Rosa'a bushes.

Unfriendly Bushes

"All opponents hiding in bushes take 276 damage and get slowed down for 3 seconds."

When activated, all bushes briefly turn purple and enemies inside bushes immediately take 276 damage and get slowed for 3 seconds. Since the damage briefly reveals them, this Gadget is great for detecting enemies inside bushes.

Star Powers

Plant Life

"Rosa recovers 300 health per second when inside a bush."

Rosa heals 300 health for every second she's inside a bush.

Thorny Gloves

"Rosa's punches gain +276 damage during her Super."

While Rosa's Super is active, Rosa's attack gains 276 extra damage per punch, giving a total of 828 more damage per attack.

Hypercharge: Grasping Roots

"Rosa slows down all nearby enemies while her Super is active."

When activated, Rosa's Super slows enemies down in a 4.33-tile radius around herself that moves with her. The area-of-effect disappears when her Super is inactive. She also gains a 25% speed and shield boost, as well as a 5% damage boost.


This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.
"Rosa spawns bushes around her when using Strong Stuff."

Rosa spawned a 6x6 square of bushes without the corners whenever she used her Super. They acted like regular bushes that allies and enemies could hide in and they can be destroyed. Like her Grow Light Gadget, the bushes were destroyed at the beginning of a new round. Also like this Gadget, the bushes gave off golden particles to differentiate between these bushes and regular ones.


Game Modes and Maps

  • Rosa excels in 3v3 modes, especially in Gem Grab and Hot Zone. She works well as a Gem carrier in Gem Grab because of her fast movement speed, healing abilities, high damage output, and high health. She can also be used to protect and tank shots for allied Gem carriers. Because she excels in close-quarters combat but out-ranges the other melee Brawlers in the game, she's also a decent choice for Hot Zone. She's also a decent pick for Siege and Heist due to her high health, extreme survivability, and high damage output.
  • In Duo Showdown, be sure to have a team composition that can cover Rosa's weakness of range. The most obvious choices are any mid/long-ranged Brawlers, these include Brock, Piper, Colt, or even Carl in some maps.
  • In Brawl Ball, you can use her Super before collecting the ball and then walk the ball into the goal to score. Her high health, above-average movement speed and ability to perform team-wipes with her Super and Hypercharge makes her very viable in this mode. However, be wary while walking the ball into the goal because many Brawlers have stuns, pulls, pushbacks, or knockbacks that can prevent you from scoring.
  • Rosa thrives in Showdown. When using her Super, she can take on Brawlers like Bull who would normally defeat her in a close-quarters fight by utilizing the enormous damage reduction provided by her Super and still expect to come out on top. Rosa is also an excellent bush-camper when her Plant Life Star Power is equipped. With Plant Life, she can hide in bushes in which she heals and can attack nearby enemies while healing.

Recommended Build

  • Rosa's Grow Light Gadget can be used to add and connect bushes to make it easier for her to ambush enemies. When paired with her Plant Life Star Power, Rosa can use her Grow Light Gadget to passively heal herself when wounded in battle.
  • Rosa's Unfriendly Bushes Gadget can be used to briefly reveal all enemies hiding in bushes due to it dealing 276 damage at an indefinite range. Combined with a Speed Gear, Rosa can locate and engage the enemy quickly due to the enemy being slowed down and the speed boost from the Speed Gear.
  • It is advisable to use Rosa's Plant Life Star Power on maps where there are many bushes and her Thorny Gloves Star Power on maps where there are less bushes.
  • Rosa's Plant Life Star Power allows her to heal 300 health per second while in a bush. Be sure to use this when fighting another Rosa which allows her to out-heal the enemy while still damaging them. She can even use Plant Life to counter tick damage such as Crow's poison.


  • If she can surprise the other team (in any mode) while her Super is active, Rosa can continuously chain Supers, wiping the enemy team. However, remember the shield doesn't make her invincible and it's possible for defeat against a high-damaging team composition containing the likes of Nani or Griff.


  • Rosa and El Primo have the same movement speed, but Rosa's range is slightly longer and wider, meaning that she's able to escape and attack him while being out of his range. This technique can also be used when fighting opposing Rosas. Walk away from the Rosa while also attacking towards them, and they should walk into your punches. You should also avoid attacking when the Rosa uses her shield, as you'll waste ammo and deal little damage to the opposing Rosa.
  • Rosa's Super has an extremely high damage reduction but has a rather short duration, so make sure not to overestimate its power, especially if you're on low health. However, if you're in a tough situation, immediately activate her Super so you can attack the enemy with ease while taking little damage, which can prevent an inadvertent loss. This gives you a better chance of staying alive or even defeating the enemy.
  • Rosa is a tank, so she counters assassins under the right circumstances. With the exception of Edgar, you can usually engage other assassins at 1-tile distance and defeat them, so always maintain close quarters with them. In the case of Edgar, keep a few tiles distance because he out-damages Rosa while she out-ranges him.
  • Rosa is easily countered by control Brawlers, which are mid-range Brawlers that can pushback, knockback, pull, slow, or stun with their Supers, have a high damage output and usually low health, such as Emz and Spike. It's best to avoid these Brawlers unless you know the odds are in your favor.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super


  • 19/04/19:
  • 26/04/19:
    • Neutral Rosa became available to play in matches.
  • 30/04/19:
    • Nerf Rosa's Super shield protection was decreased to 70% (from 80%).
    • Nerf Her Super duration was decreased to 4 seconds (from 6).
    • Neutral Fixed a bug with an enemy Rosa's shield effect not being displayed correctly.
  • 21/05/19:
    • Nerf The number of hits necessary to charge Rosa's Super was increased to 10 hits (from 9).
    • Nerf Rosa's Super duration was decreased to 3 seconds (from 4).
    • Nerf Her Plant Life Star Power healing was decreased to 200 (from 300) per second.
    • Neutral Rosa's main attack effect now better matches the area where damage is dealt.
    • Neutral She was given voice lines.
  • 11/06/19:
    • Nerf Rosa's main attack damage was decreased to 460 (from 480) per punch.
    • Nerf The number of hits necessary to charge her Super was increased to 11 hits (from 10).
  • 03/07/19:
    • Neutral Rosa's Thorny Gloves Star Power was added.
  • 29/08/19:
    • Buff Rosa's health was increased to 5200 (from 5000).
  • 18/09/19:
    • Buff Rosa's health was increased to 5400 (from 5200).
    • Buff Her Thorny Gloves Star Power bonus damage was increased to 220 (from 200).
  • 17/03/20:
    • Neutral Rosa's Grow Light Gadget was added.
  • 10/09/20:
    • Buff The number of hits necessary to charge her Super was decreased to 9 hits (from 11).
  • 22/10/20:
    • Neutral Rosa's winning animation was reworked.
    • Neutral Rosa's Grow Light Gadget now always spawns green grass regardless of the map theme.
  • 31/10/20:
    • Neutral The Brawl-o-ween Rosa skin was unlockable by winning the Brawl-o-ween Challenge.
  • 19/02/21:
    • Neutral Rosa's Unfriendly Bushes Gadget was added.
  • 07/04/21:
    • Neutral Rosa and her Brawl-o-ween skin received facial animations.
  • 09/04/21:
    • Neutral Fixed a bug that applied Rosa's face onto her plant's face.
  • 02/07/21:
    • Neutral The Coco Rosa Skin was added.
  • 27/10/21:
    • Neutral Rosa's class was changed to Tank (from Heavyweight).
  • 16/12/21:
    • Neutral Rosa's True Silver and True Gold skins were added.
  • 17/01/22:
    • Neutral The Major Rosa skin was added. It was featured as a Brawl Pass Season 10 exclusive skin.
  • 24/03/22:
    • Neutral The Mantis Rosa skin was added. It was featured as a Biodome skin.
  • 27/04/22:
    • Neutral Fixed an issue with Mantis Rosa's visual effects.
  • 15/08/23:
    • Buff Rosa gained a Trait where she can now charge her Super when receiving damage.
  • 05/09/23:
    • Neutral All Brawlers' health and damage were increased from 5% to 10% with each Power Level.
  • 19/09/23:
    • Neutral The Cheerleader Rosa skin was added. It was featured as a Brawl Academy skin.
  • 24/10/23:
    • Neutral Rosa's Unfriendly Bushes Gadget damage was increased to 221 (from 100) and now scales with Power Levels.
    • Neutral Rosa's Plant Life Star Power healing was decreased to 292 (from 300) per second but now scales with Power Levels.
    • Neutral Her Thorny Gloves Star Power bonus damage was increased to 249 (from 220) and now scales with Power Levels.
    • Neutral Rosa's Grasping Roots Hypercharge was added.
    • Neutral Rosa's Grow Light Gadget now always spawns grass with the same color as the map theme.
    • Neutral Rosa's flavor text was changed from "This boxing botanist will plant her feet and go toe to toe! Her Super gives her tough, vegan protective gear." to "Rosa is a botanist with a strong connection to plants. She's also a boxer, and won't hesitate to punch one of her specimens if it goes out of control!"
  • 12/12/23:
    • Nerf Rosa's health was decreased to 5000 (from 5400).
    • Nerf Rosa's Plant Life Star Power healing was decreased to 270 (from 292) per second.
  • 11/01/24:
    • Nerf The number of hits necessary to charge Rosa's Super was increased to 12 hits (from 9).
  • 27/02/24:
    • Buff Rosa's Grasping Roots Hypercharge speed boost was increased to 25% (from 20%).
    • Nerf Rosa's Grasping Roots Hypercharge damage boost was decreased to 5% (from 20%).
    • Neutral All Brawlers' Hypercharges duration can no longer be extended.
  • 23/04/24:
    • Buff Rosa's Hypercharge charge rate was increased to 50% (from 40%).
  • 29/04/24:
    • Neutral Rosa's Mutation was added for a limited time.
  • 20/05/24:
    • Neutral Rosa's Mutation was removed from the game.


Skins (7)


Skin Pins
Rosa Skin-Default
Rosa Pin-Neutral


Rosa Pin-Happy


Rosa Pin-Sad


Rosa Pin-Angry


Rosa Pin-GG


Rosa Pin-Clap


Rosa Pin-Thanks


Rosa Pin-Phew


Rosa Pin-Special


Rosa Pin-Facepalm


Rosa Pin-Hypercharge


Rosa Skin-Brawl-o-ween
Rosa Brawl-o-ween Pin-Neutral


Rosa Brawl-o-ween Pin-Happy


Rosa Brawl-o-ween Pin-Sad


Rosa Brawl-o-ween Pin-Angry


Rosa Brawl-o-ween Pin-GG


Rosa Brawl-o-ween Pin-Clap


Rosa Brawl-o-ween Pin-Thanks


Rosa Brawl-o-ween Pin-Phew


Rosa Brawl-o-ween Pin-Special


Rosa Skin-Major
Rosa Major Pin-Neutral


Rosa Skin-Mantis
Rosa Mantis Pin-Neutral


Rosa Skin-Cheerleader
Rosa Cheerleader Pin-Special






Rosa Hypercharge-Spray

Rosa Hypercharge

Cheerleader Rosa-Spray

Cheerleader Rosa


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Rosa Hypercharge-pfp

Rosa Hypercharge

Cheerleader Rosa-pfp

Cheerleader Rosa

Mantis Rosa-pfp

Mantis Rosa