Rockwall Brawl (originally called Death Valley) is an official map for the Showdown event. This map is affected by the Healing Mushrooms modifier.


Rockwall Brawl is a very well layed out, geometric patterned map. There is a lot of cover around the edges of the map.


  • If you get one of the outer start positions, see who your “neighbor” is. If they are an easy kill, you can sneak up on them with the bushes at the sides and assassinate them, removing a potential threat.
  • As the storm closes in, the main cover is inaccessible, and it becomes an all-out fight. Ranged Brawlers, like Leon or Penny are good if you can camp at a central position. Heavier fighters are good due to the lack of safe places on this map.
  • The giant bushes on the corners are good places to run away to if you are low and are losing the fight with your partner on the box shaped places. There is normally a box there too.
  • Frank is a very good choice on this map, especially for Duo as he has a good amount of health, and does significant damage due to the short-ranged paths and choke points. Combined with Jessie, they can rack up multiple wins very quickly.
  • Brawlers with wide ranges such as Nita, Carl, Poco, or Frank can take out boxes in pairs, giving them an advantage at the beginning of the game.
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