Rockwall Brawl (originally called Death Valley) is an official map for the Showdown event. This map is affected by the Energy Drink modifier.


The map is geometrically patterned with an extremely large bush border. Brawlers spawn in pairs where they have the choice to retreat or defeat their "neighbor" and take the Power Cubes that spawn with them.


  • If the Brawler players spawn with counter them, head out towards the map's corners. If not, attempt to knock them out or snatch 2+ Power Cubes before heading in.
  • As the poison clouds close in, the main cover is inaccessible and it becomes an all-out fight. Ranged Brawlers are great if they can camp at a central position.
  • Brawlers with high health are suitable for this map due to the high amount of cover on this map.
  • The giant bushes near the corners are good places to hide if Brawlers are low on health. However, ambushes are prevalent here.
  • Brawlers with wide range and piercing attacks can take out boxes in pairs, giving them an advantage at the start of the match.
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