Riverside Ring is a community map for the Showdown event. It was added in the July 2020 update. This map is affected by the Healing Mushrooms modifier.


The middle is quite barren, there are 4 entrances to the ring with also the option of using a launch pad. There is little space outside the ring, but there are more bush clusters growing in-between walls.


  • Throwers are not recommended as the map is wide open in the center, which is a large portion of the map's space.
  • If you have control over the center, try defending the entrances as the entrances are very narrow.
  • The launch pads leave you in a very vulnerable position on landing. Only use them as a last resort.
    • If you choose to take the risk of getting the center Power Cube boxes, use the launch pads to get a head start on other Brawlers. If you spawn far away from both of these launch pads, don't take the risk.
  • Heavyweights will have a hard time late in the match although the outer ring's layout is tailored for them.
  • The center's wide open spaces and small wall clusters are ideal locations for Pam and 8-BIT to camp in.
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