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Riverbed is a community map for the Heist event.


This map has a bunch of walls laid around the sidelines, making passageways narrow (lanes wise). The middle has little to no bushes, and is fairly narrow as well. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Sharpshooters, notably 8-Bit, can be best used here. With his Damage Booster super, he can utilize the middle as there are walls to help defend the turret, while staying far away to damage the safe.
    • To counter this, try using Brawlers that can break walls, like Colt with his Silver Bullet Gadget or Brock with his Rocket Fuel Gadget.
  • Try to avoid using close-ranged Brawlers, as they cannot reach close enough to the sharpshooters on this map.


  • On 12/12/23, Riverbed was added to the game. Riverbed was featured in the Season 18 Power League as a Heist map.
  • On 27/02/24, Riverbed was removed from the game. Riverbed was no longer featured in the Season 19 Power League as a Heist map.