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Ring of Fire is an official map for the Hot Zone event.


The map's center lane has large bush clusters stretching across 2/3 of the map. A trio of cacti are found as well as L-shaped lakes. The map is open but has favorable locations.


  • Brawlers will contest over the confined single-zone. Have a support sharpshooter handle enemies as they come in from the bush tips.
  • Heavyweights have little or no protection on this map. The team bushes do not connect and can only be used defensively. Instead, use medium-ranged Brawlers which are far better in combat situations and are viable in a variety of scenarios.
  • Long-ranged Brawlers should use the right lane to catch Brawlers across the obstacles. However, this leaves them more vulnerable to ambushes which their teammates should take care of.
  • Short to medium-ranged Brawlers should plan on entering enemy bushes as quickly as they can to protect fragile teammates capturing the zone.
  • Pam is a good option for this map. Pam’s high HP makes her ideal for a variety of combat situations, and she can use her long range to fend off incoming enemies from a distance. If her Super is placed in the center of the zone, it can provide vital healing to allies inside the Hot Zone.
  • Bo and Tara are great picks on this map entirely due to the large array of bushes presented on this map. Due to the one zone in this map, Bo and Tara's supers are especially great at zoning.
  • Rico is another good option for this map. He can hide inside the bushes on the enemies' side and bounce his shots off the sides of the map to damage and hinder the enemies as they respawn, especially by chaining his Super.
  • Lou can be used as his Super can cover most of the center part, making escaping and capturing for the enemy team more difficult.
  • The bushes behind the L-shaped walls are very hard for the enemy team to reach while being relatively close to the zone, making it an ideal place for some turrets. Penny can place her turret in the bushes behind the walls closest to her spawn for extra damage, 8-BIT with Plugged In can place his damage booster there for a large speed boost that covers most of the zone, and Throwers can play the role of support by hiding behind those walls, away from enemy fire.
  • Rosa can activate her Unfriendly Bushes Gadget at the start of the game when she and her teammates go through their side's bush strip towards the hot zone. Enemies will also be in this bush on their side of the map at that time if they are going towards the zone, and they'll be slowed down by the Gadget. Rosa and her teammates can use the slowed enemy team to their advantage and gain initial control of the zone, which is very important in maps like these with a single zone. Later in the game, she can use this Gadget to slow down and reveal enemy Brawlers in any of the large bush masses in this map, to catch up to them and defeat them, or slow them down as they approach the hot zone.
  • Stu is viable on this map, as he can drop his Speed Zone Gadget behind the L-shaped walls on the left so that it won't be destroyed easily. This helps Stu and allies return to their lanes faster. While teammates capture the Hot Zone, Stu can reside in the upper bus clusters to take down respawned enemies. With his Gaso-Heal Star Power, Stu can take down weaker enemies without losing much health.
  • If the enemy does not have wall-breakers, Tick is good on this map as he can hide in the L-shaped walls and easily cut off chokepoints in this map, forcing the enemy team to group up, making it easier for your team to capture the zone.


  • On 22/10/20, Ring of Fire was added to the game.
  • On 31/10/20, Ring of Fire was featured in the Brawl-O-ween Challenge as a Stage II map.
  • On 11/11/20, Ring of Fire was tweaked to open up the entrance to the middle. The jump pads at the sides of the map were also removed.
  • On 27/1/21, Ring of Fire was removed from the game.
  • On 7/4/21, Ring of Fire was added back to the game. The environment of Ring of Fire had changed from Bandstand theme to Bazaar theme. Ring Of Fire was featured in the Season 2 Power League as a Hot Zone map.
  • On 15/5/21, Ring of Fire was featured in the May Brawl Stars Championship Challenge as a Stage II map.
  • On 16/6/21, Ring of Fire was once again featured in the Season 3 Power League as a Hot Zone map.
  • On 20/8/21, Ring of Fire was featured in the August Brawl Stars Championship Challenge as a Stage IV map.
  • On 25/8/21, Ring of Fire was once again featured in the Season 4 Power League as a Hot Zone map.