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Ranked is a competitive mode unlocked from the Trophy Road at 1000 Trophies that replaced Power League in the February 2024 update. Similar to Power League, players can play an unlimited amount of matches per day, Ranked has a season length close to the current Brawl Pass Season, and progress can be lost. Ranked is based on your Ranked progression, so Trophies cannot be gained or lost, and only Brawlers that are Power Level 9 and above could be played. XP is rewarded based on the outcome of each of the matches, guaranteeing at least twice as much XP as a regular match.

Announcer's Voice Over


In a Ranked match, the player will play a random mode with a random map and a random modifier. Both teams have a Team Captain, which is either decided by the player with the highest progression, or by the creator of the game room. Games in a match are played on a single randomly selected mode, map and modifier that are picked when players are in queue. Maps and modifiers can be previewed throughout the matchmaking stages.

From Bronze I to Gold III Tiers, similar to Mega Pig, each player on both teams blind pick a Brawler, and choose Star Powers, Gadgets, and Gears if applicable at the same time with the phase happening prior to starting the match. From Diamond I to Masters Tiers, Ranked matches are formatted as a two-win tournament, similar to Power League, where the first team to win two matches wins the tournament. Each player on both teams blind ban a Brawler at the same time with the ban and pick phase happening prior to starting the match. Once a Brawler has been banned or picked from either side, no player can pick them for the match. Each team queue mode has separate matchmaking and rank progression. After all Brawlers are picked, each player has 10 seconds to choose Star Powers, Gadgets, and Gears if applicable.

Players are matched based on their current Tier. The higher the Tier of your opponent, the more progress you earn. Players can play solo, in a team of two, or in a team of three. In a team of two, players can only team up in Duos with other players that are within three Tiers. For example, a Mythic I player can only team up with another player from Diamond I to Legendary I. In a team of three, teams can only be matched when they are within two Tiers or less. Once a player reaches a new Ranked Tier, they cannot get demoted below that Rank. For example, once players get to Mythic I, they cannot drop to Diamond III, but they can still be demoted from Mythic II to Mythic I.

When players reach Masters Rank, they will have an absolute Rank number, based on their Rank Score, and they will appear in the Global leaderboard of the current Season for all players in Masters.


Every month, a season ends and the next one begins. At the end of every season, all your tiers reset to Bronze I. Every season, all players will receive a boost until the highest Tier they reached the previous season. Ranked Starr Drop and Starr Drop rewards are given based on promoting to next tier. Ranked Starr Drops contain one reward, such as Bling and cosmetics from previous Power League and Ranked seasons. If a player does not get the Ranked skin of the current season from Ranked Starr Drops, it will appear in the Catalog after the season ends. Exclusive battle card backgrounds are available for players who promoted to a new Tier for the current season.

Tier Rewards
Tier Point Milestone Reward
Bronze I Bronze Tier 0 -
Bronze II Bronze Tier 500 1 This is a Ranked Starr Drop
Bronze III Bronze Tier 1000 1 This is a Ranked Starr Drop
Silver I Silver Tier 1500 1 Epic This is a Starr Drop
Silver II Silver Tier 2000 1 This is a Ranked Starr Drop
Silver III Silver Tier 2500 1 This is a Ranked Starr Drop
Gold I Gold Tier 3000 1 Mythic This is a Starr Drop
Gold II Gold Tier 3500 1 This is a Ranked Starr Drop
Gold III Gold Tier 4000 1 This is a Ranked Starr Drop
Diamond I Diamond Tier 4500 1 Mythic This is a Starr Drop
Diamond II Diamond Tier 5000 1 This is a Ranked Starr Drop
Diamond III Diamond Tier 5500 1 This is a Ranked Starr Drop
Mythic I Mythic Tier 6000 1 Legendary This is a Starr Drop
Mythic II Mythic Tier 6500 1 This is a Ranked Starr Drop
Mythic III Mythic Tier 7000 1 This is a Ranked Starr Drop
Legendary I Legendary Tier 7500 1 Legendary This is a Starr Drop
Legendary II Legendary Tier 8000 1 This is a Ranked Starr Drop
Legendary III Legendary Tier 8500 1 This is a Ranked Starr Drop
Masters Masters Tier 9000 1 Legendary This is a Starr Drop

Battle Cards


Each season features four modifiers, with the Classic Modifier being permanent, and the other three rotating every season.

Ranked Modifiers
Season Modifiers
1 Sands of Time Timed Detonation ModifierQuickfire ModifierBig Friend Modifier
2 Ragnarok Barbed Ammo ModifierSick Beats ModifierTimed Detonation Modifier
3 Godzilla Quickfire ModifierSecond Wind ModifierSuper Bushy Modifier
4 CyberBrawl Timed Detonation ModifierQuickfire ModifierBig Friend Modifier
5 Gods vs Monsters! Classic Modifier

Reporting System

The Reporting System is a feature that allows the player to report other players from their own and the enemy team at the end of a Ranked match for intentionally disrupting the gaming experience for everyone involved. There are three types of report that can be made, which are Grief Play, Cheating and Bad Random. The maximum number of reports that can be sent daily is 10.

Reputation Meter

Each player has an individual Reputation Meter. The Reputation will drop when they get reported for Grief Play or Cheating, or leave a Ranked match. When their Reputation has dropped enough, they will get a Yellow Card, warning them that more penalties will result in suspension from Ranked matches, and when their Reputation has dropped very low, they will get prevented from playing Ranked matches for 3 hours. Players can only recover Reputation for each Ranked game where they didn't get reported.


  • On 27/02/24, Ranked was added to the game and replaced Power League.
  • On 04/03/24, server changes were applied to improve Ranked matchmaking.
  • On 06/03/24, fixed an issue with players teaming up in Duos.
  • On 25/03/24, Solo players facing teams now receive Ranked Points as if they are playing against similarly Ranked players. Wins now always give a minimum amount of Ranked Points, and the maximum amount of Ranked Points gained for losses has been reduced. Made general changes to Ranked Point distribution to reduce inflation.
  • On 23/04/24, matchmaking will now favor teams playing against other teams. Ranked point gain for solo players will now consider the team average Ranked points against the opposing team's points. Adjusted the Ranked points gain in Legendary II up to Masters. Rank Boost will now give a higher boost depending on how high you reached in the previous Ranked season. Players in the Bronze to Gold Ranks now have a higher chance of getting Modifiers in their matches. Probability of getting Modifiers for players in Masters was reduced.
  • On 25/04/24, fixed Ranked Boost stopping one rank lower than it should. Ranked Boost was rebalanced: Bronze (no boost), Silver (10%), Gold (20%), Diamond (30%), Mythic (50%), Legendary (75%), Masters (100%).
  • On 03/05/24, Second Wind Modifier now has a 1% chance of being selected. Fixed the Ranked Star not appearing when the player gets to the same rank twice or more.