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Punishment Day is a community map for the Last Stand event.


Everyone spawns straight in the middle of the map. There are large spots of the map filled with water. On each horizontal side to the spawns, are lakes that make a vague fish-shaped figure. Near each corner are circular spots of water, with bushes near them. 2 Brawl Coins spawn inside of a small, rectangular, boxed in area, both on the upper corners. 2 Coins spawn on relatively open spaces with walls around each side of the Coin, located on the lower corners of the map.

The map is almost identical to Acid Lakes, albeit with a modified middle.


  • Pam's healing abilities can massively help her teammates stay in the fight without waiting to heal as much. Pam also has a great damage output, especially at a close range.
  • 8-Bit's Super can allow for his team to deal huge amounts of damage, especially with his Boosted Booster Star Power. He can make every attack that comes from him and his team deal much more damage to the bots, which gives your team less of a reason to get back to reload ammunition. 8-Bit himself also has a very good damage output, at both a distance and up close.
  • With Edgar's immense healing of his attack, Edgar could stay alive easily to help keeping 8-Bit alive. Apart from that, since Edgar attacks are close-ranged, he can protect 8-Bit from receiving damage.
  • Although he's a horrible damage dealer, Mortis is one of, if not the fastest Brawler in terms of a long duration of time. This makes him a very good option for picking up Brawl Coins to keep 8-Bit alive.


  • On 10/09/22, Punishment Day was added to the game.
  • On 25/10/22, Punishment Day was removed from the game.