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"Grab pumpkins from the opposing team and bring them to your base! Match ends when one team has captured two pumpkins, or when time runs out."
Pumpkin Plunder

Pumpkin Plunder (formerly Snowtel Thieves and Trophy Thieves, originally Present Plunder) is a Brawl-o-ween Event introduced in the Season 21 update, replacing Snowtel Thieves. In this event, players are split into two teams of three. On either end of the map are the teams' pumpkins. The objective is to take the opponents' pumpkins to your base two times. The match length consists of 2 minutes and 30 seconds of regular play and 1 minute of overtime. If the score is tied when regular time runs out, overtime is triggered, which ends with either a draw when overtime runs out or a win for the first team to score.

Many of the mechanics of Pumpkin Plunder are similar to Brawl Ball; players pick up a pumpkin by touching it, and they can use one ammo to throw it up to 3 tiles. Pumpkins, unlike the Ball, can be thrown over walls. Using a Brawler's Super allows them to double the throwing distance. The enemy's pumpkin can be walked into your base or thrown into it and will be dropped if the holder is defeated, stunned, knocked back, or interrupted in any other way. A dropped or thrown pumpkin which is outside of its spawn point will return to the center of its base after a 7.5 second countdown, which is shown in a status bar over the pumpkin.

Unlike in Brawl Ball, there is no pause or reset after a point is scored. Players remain in their current position on the map, and continue to defend their pumpkin from any ongoing attacks. A team can steal the enemy team's second pumpkin immediately after scoring a point with their first pumpkin.

Useful Brawlers

Crow: Crow's speed and Super make him great at playing grab-and-go. His Super is also a quick finisher if defenders are pressured. In more open maps Crow will likely have to throw pumpkins to nearby teammates instead of running them in. His Slowing Toxin gadget is also great for slowing enemies that trying to take your pumpkin.
Mortis: His fast movement can be very useful in circumventing the enemy to get to their base and take their pumpkin. He can then return quickly to his own base by throwing the pumpkin and darting forward to catch it with his attack movement, much as he can in Brawl Ball. Unlike in Brawl Ball however, enemies will not swarm over Mortis as Brawlers have to play both offense and defense.
Leon: The invisibility granted by his Super is ideal for sneaking past the enemy team to grab a pumpkin. Leon's Smoke Trails Star Power also allows him to make a quick getaway, while his Invisiheal Star Power can substantially increase his healing to take more enemy fire.
Edgar: Similar to Darryl, Edgar can leap in on the enemy's pumpkin, and utilize the speed boost to bring the pumpkin to his side. Like Darryl, Edgar does not need to earn his Super through combat and can get it faster much more easily. However, Edgar has low health, so be careful while performing this. It's always better to pass to a nearby ally instead.
Byron: Byron is a solid supporter in this mode. He can protect both of his allies, especially the Brawler who's carrying the pumpkin by consistently healing them while they obtain the pumpkin and pass to a teammate near the pumpkin base to score.
Tick: Tick by far is the only thrower that's viable in this mode. He can be used on defense by throwing mines at the pumpkin base and denying enemies from retrieving it or defending the pumpkin carrier with his attacks and Super. He can also hinder enemies with his Super by dealing significant damage and knocking the pumpkin out of their grasp. The only downside to Tick is his low health, so it's best for Tick not to be a pumpkin carrier unless his Last Hurrah Gadget is equipped to grant him extra survivability.
Jessie and Penny: Their turrets can help protect the pumpkin, and they can both do constant damage to enemies who are frequently clustered in this mode. Jessie can heal her turret with Energize greatly increasing its lifetime, but this forces her to play a defensive approach.
El Primo: His leaping Super is perfect for getting to even a heavily defended pumpkin, where he can then throw it to nearby teammates before getting defeated. El Primo's Meteor Rush Star Power allows him to Super onto the pumpkin and then run away super quickly.
Shelly: Her Super can be very useful when defending, as it can defeat tanks, knock the pumpkin from an enemy, push enemies back, and if you have her first Star Power, slow them down. Shelly's Band Aid can help Shelly survive if she is carrying the pumpkin. Shelly is also a great assassin and heavyweight counter which are commonly played in this mode. Shelly herself may have to resort to defending.
Darryl: Similar to El Primo, Darryl can roll in on the enemy pumpkin, then pass it to a teammate to score. Unlike El Primo, Darryl does not need to earn his Super through combat and can get it faster much more easily. Darryl's high close-range damage can make him a great ambusher.
Stu: Similar to Darryl, Edgar, or El Primo, Stu can dash in onto the enemy pumpkin and quickly pass to an ally to score, better performed with his Zero Drag Star Power, and he can get his Super incredibly quickly due to his one-hit Super charge rate, so he can continuously hit the enemies and keep dashing towards the pumpkin, making him ideal for Pumpkin Plunder.
8-Bit: 8-Bit really shines at defending due to his extraordinary burst damage coupled with his Super. 8-Bit will likely have to rely on his Plugged In Star Power and Cheat Cartridge Gadget if he would like to make any substantial plays.
Gale: Gale is good at defending tight lanes and, if aimed consistently, more open spaces. Using his Spring Ejector Gadget, he can assist his teammates so they can get over obstacles faster. His Super can push enemies away from the pumpkins, giving his teammates time to get the enemy pumpkin. Both Star Powers help hinder enemies, letting his teammates get the other pumpkin: his Blustery Blow Star Power allows Gale to significantly hinder enemies in walled maps, and his Freezing Snow Star Power slows enemy progress, making them more vulnerable to allies attacking them.
Max: Max has great mobility with her Super. She can charge her Super passively with her Super Charged Star Power, and she can also boost her teammates' speed as well. She can also consistently damage to enemies to intrude into the team base.
Gray: Gray can put his Super near the enemy pumpkin, so that teammates can quickly teleport to the pumpkin and/or quickly escape from defending enemies. On defense, his Walking Cane Gadget allows Gray to finish off low health brawlers hiding behind walls, or even disarm enemies holding the pumpkin.


  • While moving forward to attack the enemy's base, it's important to make sure that even one enemy does not get past your team. If they are able to grab the package in that situation, they can then move back to their base on the less-guarded side of the map, and/or throw the package to a location where their teammates can retrieve it and take it to their base.
  • If under heavy fire from the enemy while you have the package, you can throw it toward your base and focus on fighting. Your team members have a limited time to pick up the thrown package before it returns to the enemy base.
  • Because the team positions do not reset after scoring their first points, "showboating" (waiting next to your base until the enemy is about to eliminate you before throwing the package in at the last moment) when scoring your team's first point is extremely hazardous. Premature showboating makes it very easy for the enemy to take your pumpkin and score a point afterward, and it delays your team's ability to quickly get back into position for taking the enemy's pumpkin again.


  • On 18/12/19, Present Plunder was added to the game temporarily as an Event during the Brawlidays 2019 event.
  • On 23/01/20, Present Plunder was removed from the game.
  • On 15/12/20, Present Plunder was added back to the game temporarily for the Brawlidays 2020 event. The Tilt Modifier was removed and most of the previous Present Plunder maps were tweaked severely.
  • On 27/01/21, Present Plunder was removed for the second time.
  • On 12/07/21, Present Plunder was renamed to Trophy Thieves. Trophy Thieves was temporarily added to the game in Brawl Pass Season 7.
  • On 19/07/21, Trophy Thieves was removed from the game.
  • On 12/12/22, Trophy Thieves was renamed to Snowtel Thieves. Snowtel Thieves was temporarily added to the game for the Brawlidays 2022 event.
  • On 02/01/23, Snowtel Thieves was removed from the game.
  • On 27/10/23, Snowtel Thieves was renamed to Pumpkin Plunder. Pumpkin Plunder was temporarily added to the game for the Brawl-o-ween 2023 event.
  • On 06/11/23, Pumpkin Plunder was removed from the game.