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Power Shot is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


  • This map has a barrier protecting the goal.
  • The map is diagonally symmetrical.
  • There are many walls and barriers around the map


  • Use a brawler that can break walls, such as Frank, El Primo, or Bull, as they can easily break the walls around the map to make it easier to score a goal.
  • Good 3 teams for this map are: Spike, Leon, Mr. P or Poco, Leon, Max or Spike, Barley, Piper
  • Nita is a useful brawler due to her moderate health and damage output. Her super can be used as a distraction. Her gadget is useful to stun enemies forcing them to drop the ball. Her first star power Bear with Me is useful to heal herself while carrying the ball. Her second star power Hyper Bear is useful because the bear is even harder to kill.
  • Jessie is also a useful brawler due to her unique attack and her super can be used as a distraction.
  • Poco is a useful brawler due to his high health, this map is pretty open, so his wide spread is useful.
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