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Power League is a competitive mode unlocked from the Trophy Road at 4500 Trophies that replaced Power Play in the March 2021 update. Unlike Power Play, players can play an unlimited amount of matches per day, players don't need Star Powers to have Brawlers to play, Power League has a season length close to the current Brawl Pass Season, and progress can be lost. Power League is based on your Power League progression, so Trophies cannot be gained or lost. Tokens are rewarded based on the outcome of each of the matches, guaranteeing at least twice as many Tokens as a regular match.


Power League matches are formatted as a two-win tournament, where the first team to win two matches wins the tournament. Games in a match are played on a single randomly selected mode and map that are picked when players are in queue. Maps can be previewed throughout the matchmaking stages. Both teams have a Team Captain, which in Solo Mode is decided by the player with the highest progression, and in Team Mode is decided by the creator of the game room. Team Captains blind ban a Brawler at the same time with the ban and pick phase happening prior to starting the match. Once a Brawler has been banned or picked from either side, no player can pick them for the match. Each team queue mode has separate matchmaking and rank progression. After all Brawlers are picked, each player has 10 seconds to choose Star Powers and Gadgets if eligible.

Players are matched based on their current Power League Rank. Solo mode has a hard limit of +/- 2 Ranks difference allowed for the players in the match. Team mode allows any players with any Rank to play in the team, and the matchmaking is done based on the highest Rank player in the team. The higher the Rank of your opponent, the more progress your earn. Player’s Rank will decay after every end of Season with the top 500 players also needing to stay active for the whole duration of the Season in order to retain their Rank. They need to play at least one match per 7 days or they will lose their progression per inactive week until they aren't listed in the Top 500 anymore. Leaving at any point after the matchmaking begins will result in banning the player from Power League for a specific amount of time. Ranking placement for the first Power League season is based on the highest Power Play rating a player has achieved; otherwise players will start at Bronze I.

Season End Rewards

Players are eligible to receive Season End Rewards if they have played at least 1 match during the Power League season. Star Point rewards are given out based on the highest rank reached from either Solo or Team Mode. There is a decay between Seasons that drop a player's League depending on how high they are.

Season End Rewards
Highest League End League Star Points
Bronze I Bronze I 500
Bronze II Bronze II 1000
Bronze III Bronze III 2000
Silver I Silver I 2500
Silver II Silver II 3000
Silver III Silver III 3750
Gold I Silver III 4500
Gold II Gold I 5500
Gold III Gold II 7000
Diamond I Gold III 8750
Diamond II Diamond I 10000
Diamond III Diamond II 12500
Mythic I Diamond II 15000
Mythic II Diamond III 17500
Mythic III Mythic I 20000
Legendary I Mythic II 25000
Legendary II Mythic III 30000
Legendary III Legendary I 40000
Masters Legendary I 50000


Seasons include special quests which reward players with exclusive player icons and skin purchasing options. Exclusive skin offers will appear in the Shop for the whole Season duration who meet the unlock condition, and the purchasing option is permanent and will be available in the regular Star Points offer rotation later. Players who did not participate in the Power League Season will not be able to purchase them later and unlock the exclusive profile icons.

Season End Rewards
Season Silver Icon Gold Icon Skin Purchase Unlock
1: The Starr Force! Sn1 silver icon.png

Starr Force
(Play 25 matches this Season)

Sn1 gold icon.png

Starr Force
(Reach Gold I)

Penny Skin-Smuggler.png
Smuggler Penny
(Play 50 matches this Season)
2: The Goldarm Gang
Goldarm Gang
(Play 50 matches this Season)
Goldarm Gang
(Reach Gold I)
8-BIT Skin-Saloon.png
Saloon 8-BIT
(Play 100 matches this Season)
3: Jurassic Splash
Jurassic Splash
(Win 25 games this season)
Jurassic Splash
(Reach Gold I)
Jacky Skin-Jet Ski.png
Jet Ski Jacky
(Win 50 games this Season)
4: Once Upon A Brawl
Once Upon A Brawl
(Win 15 games this season)
Once Upon A Brawl
(Reach Gold I)
Byron Skin-Wizard.png
Wizard Byron
(Win 30 games this Season)


  • On 16/3/21, Power League was added to the game and replaced Power Play.
  • On 17/3/21, fixed multiple bugs in Power League including crashes when viewing Gadgets and players unable to pick a Brawler.
  • On 25/8/21, Siege was removed from the rotation.