Post Haste is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


The map has very little walls, with most of these walls no larger than three tiles long. Bush clusters are placed near fences and are usually 3x2 tiles long. The center has two small walls that are also near to each other blocking Brawlers from dodging shots when they attempt to grab the ball in the center. Two areas of this map lacks walls and bushes and are open to long-range attacks.


  • Frank will have a very easy time in this map if he can creep up to enemies through the right lane. He is able to possibly play center or left lane, however more often than not he'll be feeding sharpshooters once he reaches their side if he does so.
  • The walls on this map are very thin which Jacky can use in blocking enemies from moving near the goal openings. Brawlers such as Rico may still be able kill Jacky though through the side walls if she is not careful.
    • A more safe approach is to use Mr. P to punish enemies from staying near their goal barrier. Their porters should act as a constant distraction in wasting their ammo while they put pressure. Mr. P has little options for his Super placement although if everything goes to plan placing it behind the enemy's 3x1 horizontal wall is always an option.
  • Sandy and Nita can use any wall that they please on this map if it means they are protected and still able to attack. Since heavyweight teammates will focus on trying to reach the enemy's walls on the right side of the map they should head left and start using walls immediately to charge their Super.
  • Emz, 8-BIT, and Pam should switch lanes periodically as they move along through the map starting in the right lane and move diagonally to the top-left of the map.
  • Sharpshooters can still work on this map if their reload speed is average or above such as Bea which is a constant threat for any enemy Brawler.
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