Pool Party is an official map for the Brawl Ball event.


The map has bushes near the edges of the map and the center wall formations. Four 3x3 lakes and 3x1 walls dot the side lanes. Each goal has two two tile wide entrances and a three tile opening.


  • Heavyweight Brawlers can camp in the side bushes, although the lakes make these Brawlers vulnerable. They should stay near the L-like walls for protection.
  • The lakes block close-ranged Brawlers from attacking Brawlers directly. Sharpshooters like Colt and Brock can shoot enemies in the central bushes without having to leave the lakes.
  • The fencing has just enough space for trick-shots to be a viable option.
  • High spread Brawlers should stay near the central bushes as well, using the confined spaces to pressure enemies to go where they need them to.
  • Darryl can use the bottom-left lake to roll behind the enemy's L-like wall for immediate cover.
  • Long-range brawlers will benefit the team, because it is more wide open than most maps.
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