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Point of View is a community map for the Showdown event.


The map gets progressively more open the further Brawlers are from the center. 27 Power Cube boxes are evenly distributed across the maps with four of them found in pairs. Center paths are narrow, but have large openings that can act as exits to more open parts of the map.


  • Sprout can close off entire sections of the map with just his Super.
  • Throwers will have an easier time in the center of this map, however because of all the openings they themselves will most likely be the ones trapped and killed.
  • Heavyweights that'll have an easier time in this map include Rosa and Jacky. El Primo's Super will end up breaking his only protection on this map if he uses it which leaves him with a serious disadvantage.
  • The center of this map has medium-ranged paths which makes Brawlers such as Carl and supports such as Sandy and Max viable.
  • Leon and Crow should stay near the open areas of the map where they are less likely to be trapped by medium-ranged Brawlers.
  • Mr. P's wide attacks are capable of hitting any enemy that chooses to go into certain paths in the center of this map. The map lacks areas that are fully protected for Super placements however.
  • Rico can bounce his shots near the center of the map to attack common throwers like Barley.
  • Colonel Ruffs is a good choice on this map because his bounce attack helps him hit enemies from places they can't attack him.


  • On 18/12/19, Point of View was added to the game. Point of View was affected by the Energy Drink Modifier.
  • On 10/09/20, Point of View was removed from the game.
  • On 17/08/22, Point of View was featured in the Duo Showdown Challenge as a Stage IV map.