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"Poco fires damaging sound waves at enemies. His Super can heal both Poco himself and his teammates!"
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Poco is a Rare Brawler who has moderately high health and the ability to provide immense healing to his teammates, but very low damage. For his attack, Poco plays his guitarrón, sending damaging musical notes within a wide spread and range. His Super fires a larger and faster musical wave, healing himself and any allies within its range. His first Gadget, Tuning Fork, gives out a circular musical wave around him that allows himself and allies in it to heal over a few seconds. His second Gadget, Protective Tunes, cleanses allies from any adverse status effects and protects allies from those effects momentarily in a large radius around him. His first Star Power, Da Capo!, allows Poco’s normal attack to heal allies it hits. His second Star Power, Screeching Solo, allows his Super to deal moderately low damage to enemies it hits.

Attack: Power Chord

"Poco strums his guitarrón, sending forward bone-jarring sound waves. Enemies hit by the waves take damage."

Poco releases a wave from his guitarrón that takes the appearance of musical notes. The attack spreads out drastically as it travels, allowing it to cover a very large area and pierce multiple enemies caught in it, but deals a very low amount of damage.

Super: Encore

"Poco heals himself and all friends he can reach with his uplifting melody. Does not affect enemies."

When his Super is used, he shoots a larger musical wave from his guitarrón that heals him and any allies hit by the wave a very high amount. The wave is much wider and longer than his attack, but has the same cone shape as his attack. This can travel through any Brawler or obstacle. Poco's Super will appear green regardless of their team. Poco's Super can't heal minions summoned by allies (e.g, Mr. P's porters or Nita's bear).


Tuning Fork

"Poco and all nearby allies heal 400 health per second for 5 seconds."

Poco releases a musical wave in a 3.33 tile radius around him. Poco and allies that stand within that radius are healed 400 health per second even after they leave that radius. If the effect lasts for the entire 5 seconds, Poco and his teammates heal a total of 2000 health from this Gadget without any healing buffs or debuffs.

Protective Tunes

"Removes active adverse effects from friendly brawlers in a large area and gives a 2.0 second immunity."

Poco cleanses all allies in a 6-tile radius. This removes poisons, burns, stuns, slows, Lou's Frost, and Belle's Electro-Bolts. It doesn’t protect Brawlers from knockbacks and El Primo's Suplex Supplement Gadget. After Brawlers are cleansed, they will be immune to these effects for 2 seconds.

Star Powers

Da Capo!

"When Poco's attack hits friendly Brawlers they now heal for 700 health."

This allows Poco's main attack to heal allied Brawlers it hits for 700 health, in addition to damaging enemies. The attack’s healing isn’t affected by Power Cubes.

Screeching Solo

"Poco's Super now also hits enemies, dealing 1000 damage."

Poco's Super will deal 1000 damage to enemy Brawlers in range, in addition to healing allies. Note that auto-aiming your Super still aims it towards allies instead of enemies.


  • Poco is great at supporting allies due to his ability to heal them using his Super, his Tuning Fork Gadget, and his Da Capo! Star Power. Prioritize healing over damaging enemies with Poco because Poco's healing can help teammates win many battles and interactions by keeping them alive.
  • Remember, Poco's attack has a wide spread but doesn’t deal much damage. This means he’s not used as a front line attacker, but rather used for effective support. Positively, the spread allows him to hit multiple targets at once and charge his Super quickly. The wide spread of his attack also allows him to check large bushes.
  • When using Poco’s Da Capo! Star Power, try lining up his attacks so you can chain them to heal allies and damage enemies simultaneously, similar to how you use Byron’s Injection Star Power. This is the best way to get the most value out of Da Capo!, and grants your allies more survivability whilst chipping enemies.
  • Poco's attacks can be released in quick succession, allowing him to attack an enemy Brawler multiple times to charge his Super quickly before retreating to reload again, or heal a teammate quickly and effectively with his Da Capo! Star Power.
  • Poco's healing abilities are more useful than Pam's in tight situations when you or your teammates are on low health, as Pam's Super takes time, while Poco's Super is instant and occurs in a much larger area. This makes his healing considerably more useful than that of Pam in offense and survival-oriented modes like Bounty where teammates cannot afford to stay near Pam's turret for long.
  • Poco with other healers can be insane at healing. Poco could constantly heal Pam and/or Byron and vice versa to stay alive almost indefinitely, or in 3v3 events, two such healers can continuously heal a third teammate while they attack enemies and attempt to gain control of the map.
  • Poco is amazing when paired up with tanks as Poco can continuously replenish their health while they keep Poco safe from stronger Brawlers and control the map. Using Poco's Tuning Fork Gadget and Poco's Da Capo! Star Power will be more ideal in this case, since with them, Poco can heal allies even without his Super.
  • It is advised to use his Screeching Solo Star Power when playing Showdown, Lone Star, or Takedown due to the lack of teammates to heal with Da Capo!. This Star Power is especially effective if Poco has his Super charged while standing with multiple low-health enemies. However, Poco is never too viable in such Solo events as he lacks a sufficient damage output and a use for his support abilities.
  • Even though Poco is a support Brawler, his Screeching Solo Star Power gives him hybrid capabilities, as this Star Power allows Poco to deal damage to enemy Brawlers and heal himself at the same time. Even so, Poco's Super with Screeching Solo should not be used to deal damage in the same manner as his attack. It’s also necessary to note that Poco’s Screeching Solo damage is quite low, so if the Super’s desired motive is to deal damage, it’s best to use it to finish off low-health enemies instead of directly damaging enemies.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"Feel the power of music!"
"I'm stoked!"
"Wow! Dude?"
"Too bad, man."
"I'm bailing."
"Musical mayhem!"
"Let's get this party started!"
"I'm turning it up to eleven!"
"Wow! That sucks!"
"Hey! You broke my guitar!"
"Lead guitar for the win!"
"Gimme a beat!"
"Poco goes loco!"
"Like, whatever."
"Still friends?"
"I got a bone to pick."
"Sweet sounds!"
"Let's rock!"
"Not cool…"
"Power chord!"


  • 20/6/17:
    • Poco's attack range was decreased by 15%. Nerf
    • His Super now passes through walls. Buff
  • 11/8/17:
    • Poco's main attack damage was decreased to 140 (from 160). Nerf
  • 04/9/17:
    • Poco's was slightly retextured. Neutral
    • His rarity was changed to Super Rare (from Rare). Neutral
    • His Super no longer heals minions. Nerf
    • The number of hits necessary to charge his Super was decreased to 5 (from 6). Buff
  • 12/9/17:
    • Poco's main attack damage was increased to 160 (from 140). Buff
    • His Super's healing was increased to 460 (from 400). Buff
  • 07/12/17:
    • The health and damage statistics of all Brawlers were multiplied by 4. Neutral
    • Rapid attacks with Poco are now properly registered. Neutral
    • Poco's Swan Song Star Power was added. Neutral
  • 18/12/17:
    • Poco’s first Star Power was renamed to Da Capo! (from Swan Song) and reworked from healing nearby allies for 1000 health when Poco is defeated to making Poco's attack heal allies for 200 health. Neutral
  • 16/1/18:
    • Poco's Da Capo! healing was increased to 300 (from 200). Buff
    • His reload time was decreased to 1.8 seconds (from 2.0 seconds). Buff
  • 27/1/18:
    • Poco's health was increased to 3800 (from 3200). Buff
  • 21/3/18:
    • Every Brawler's movement speed was increased by 70 points, increasing Poco's base movement speed to 720 (from 650). Neutral
    • All Brawlers' projectile speeds are increased by 9%. Neutral
  • 09/4/18:
    • Poco's Da Capo! healing was increased to 400 (from 300). Buff
  • 21/5/18:
    • Poco's main attack damage was increased to 700 (from 640). Buff
    • His rarity was changed to Rare (from Super Rare). Neutral
  • 29/5/18:
    • Poco's reload speed was decreased to 1.6 seconds (from 1.8 seconds). Buff
  • 18/6/18:
    • Poco's main attack range was increased to 7 tiles (from 6.33). Buff
    • His main attack projectile speed was increased by 28%. Buff
    • His Super's projectile speed was increased by 92%. Buff
  • 31/8/18:
    • Poco's main attack damage was decreased to 660 (from 700). Nerf
  • 29/1/19:
    • Poco's Da Capo! healing was increased to 500 (from 400). Buff
    • Poco was remodeled. Neutral
  • 13/2/19:
    • The Serenade Poco skin was released. It was featured as a Brawlentine's Day skin. Neutral
  • 10/4/19:
    • Poco's flavor text was changed from "After losing his fans to a rival band, Poco fills every waking moment trying to find the perfect riff to win it all back." to "Poco fires damaging sound waves at enemies. His Super can heal both Poco himself and his teammates!" Neutral
  • 15/4/19:
    • Poco's Super's healing was increased to 2100 (from 1840). Buff
  • 24/7/19:
    • Poco's Screeching Solo Star Power was added. Neutral
  • 29/8/19:
    • Poco's Screeching Solo damage was decreased to 1000 (from 1200). Nerf
  • 18/9/19:
    • Poco's Da Capo! healing was increased to 600 (from 500). Buff
    • His Screeching Solo damage was decreased to 800 (from 1000). Nerf
  • 23/10/19:
    • Poco's Da Capo! healing was increased to 800 (from 600). Buff
  • 19/12/19:
    • The Pirate Poco skin was released. It was featured as a Pirate Brawlidays skin. Neutral
  • 23/1/20:
    • Poco's class was changed to Support (from Healer). Neutral
  • 19/2/20:
    • Poco's health was increased to 4000 (from 3800). Buff
  • 25/2/20:
    • Poco's Da Capo! healing was decreased to 700 (from 800). Nerf
  • 17/3/20:
    • Poco's Tuning Fork Gadget was added. Neutral
  • 07/4/20:
    • Poco's main attack damage was increased to 700 (from 660). Buff
  • 09/10/20:
    • Poco's Tuning Fork healing per second was decreased to 400 (from 500). Nerf
  • 14/9/20
    • The Poco Starr skin was released. It is featured as a Brawl Pass Season 3 exclusive skin. Neutral
  • 12/2/21:
    • Poco's Protective Tunes Gadget was added. Neutral
  • 15/3/21:
    • Poco, Pirate Poco, Serenade Poco, and Poco Starr received facial animations. Neutral
  • 07/4/21:
    • The number of hits necessary to charge Poco's Super was decreased to 4 (from 5). Buff
  • 19/5/21:
    • The number of hits necessary to charge Poco’s Super was increased to 5 (from 4). Nerf
  • 18/8/21:
    • The Trash Poco skin was released. Neutral
  • 25/8/21:
    • Poco's Screeching Solo Star Power damage was increased to 1000 (from 800). Buff
    • Poco's Protective Tunes Gadget immunity duration was increased to 2 seconds (from 1 second). Buff
  • 28/9/21:
    • Poco's True Silver and True Gold skins were added. Neutral