Pit Stop is a community map for the Heist event.


The map is infested with bushes which have walls edging them. The fencing near each corner of the map is L-shaped creating areas where Brawlers can trap themselves accidentally or for protection. Each safe is fortified by a long horizontal wall with a strip of bushes that curve inward towards each safe.


  • Dynamike and Barley can burst down enemy safes with use of their main attacks and Supers. Unless enemies split up into lanes, throwers will be able to attack the safes without worry.
    • If you choose to use Dynamike, you can use his Dyna-Jump Star Power to jump over the safe barriers to avoid open confrontation with the enemy.  
  • Colt and Rico can handle enemies hiding behind safe barriers. Both of these Brawlers have Star Powers which can increase their speed, great for quick sprints towards the enemy safe.
  • Heavyweights and assassins should head towards the sides. If the enemy team has a lower damage output, then you can safely charge towards the safes. 
  • Gale can spawn the launch pad in the center of the map with the use of their Spring Ejector Gadget to launch their team onto the enemy safe where they can throw a barrage of attacks potentially destroying it in seconds. Aside from this, Gale won't be able to handle individual heavyweights and assassins, and may be additional baggage for your team.
  • Bibi's Super will usually be able to bounce 4-5 time before disappearing which is great for some additional damage. Bibi's goal should be to counter the throwers which are very prevalent on this map. Other short-ranged Brawlers will most likely be feeding their Super.
  • Rosa's Plant Life Star Power is great for this map because of the bushes in front of safes. Rosa could act as defense or offense on this map.
  • Sprout can block the 2x1 bush with the wall(on the edge of opponent's side) using its super, while sprout being inside the bush, so that your opponents can't attack you while you deal a lot of damage on their safe.
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