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"Piper wants nothing more than to be the local village baker who hands out pies, cookies and other sweet treats! Just don't ask about her past."
Piper Portrait

Piper is an Epic Brawler who has the second lowest health of any Brawler but can deal very high damage to faraway targets. She fires a long-ranged bullet from her umbrella that deals more damage the further it travels. Her Super pops grenades at her feet before jumping away from her enemies, dealing damage to enemies upon detonation. Her first Gadget, Auto Aimer, allows her to fire a bullet from a side pistol towards the closest enemy, pushing them back and momentarily slowing them down. Her second Gadget, Homemade Recipe, makes her next bullet home in on enemies. Her first Star Power, Ambush, allows her to deal extra damage while firing from a bush. Her second Star Power, Snappy Sniping, reloads part of her ammo when she hits an enemy. Her Hypercharge, Boppin', makes her Super pop more grenades and travel faster than her normal Super, knocking enemies back and destroying obstacles upon landing.

Attack: Gunbrella[]

"Piper fires a sniper shot from the tip of her parasol. The shot gains more oompf the farther it flies!"

Piper shoots a single bullet from her parasol that travels very quickly. The farther the bullet travels, the more damage the bullet will inflict, so Piper is less effective against enemies near her, but excels at supporting her team at range. Piper's attack has a very slow reload speed and cooldown of 0.5 seconds.

Super: Poppin'[]

"Piper hops away to avoid pushy suitors. She leaves them a lady's favor though: live grenades from her garter!"

When her Super is used, Piper will jump up into the air and drop 4 grenades below her that deal heavy damage, knock back enemies near them, and destroy obstacles when they detonate. While in the air, Piper is completely immune to all damage besides status effects and damage applied over time. The grenades take 0.3 seconds to detonate and have a 2 tile explosion radius.


Auto Aimer[]

"Piper pops a defensive shot at the closest enemy, dealing 170 damage, while also pushing them back and slowing them down."

Piper pulls out a pistol and fires a small thin glowing bullet aimed towards the nearest enemy in a 7-tile radius. The bullet will push the target back and temporarily slow them down for 1 second if hit. The Gadget can trigger her Snappy Sniping Star Power.

Homemade Recipe[]

"On activation, Piper's next main attack will home in on enemies."

Piper's next attack is a seeking bullet that will curve towards the nearest enemy. The homing bullets fly for an additional 1.66 tiles. A Gadget symbol will glow above Piper's head signaling this Gadget's usage, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget's cooldown starts after this attack is shot.

Star Powers[]


"Piper's attack deals +1190 extra damage (at max range) when she's hidden in a bush."

When Piper is hidden within a bush, her main attack gains 1190 bonus damage. The bullet also gets a rainbow trail replacing the standard rings. Piper's ammunition bar becomes yellow instead of the usual orange when hidden inside a bush. The sound of the shot is also altered.

Snappy Sniping[]

"When Piper hits an enemy with her attack, she reloads 0.4 ammo instantly."

Upon hitting an enemy, Piper instantly reloads 0.4 ammo, increasing her reload speed. If Piper hits turrets or minions (such as Nita's bear), it will also activate. This also includes hits from her Auto Aimer Gadget.

Hypercharge: Boppin'[]

"Piper drops even more bombs as she departs at an increased speed! She also destorys terrain when she lands."

When activated, Piper's next Super will drop 6 bombs instead of 4 and will travel faster. When she lands, she knocks back enemies and destroys environment. She also gains a 26% speed boost, a 25% damage boost, and a 5% shield boost.


This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.
"Piper's gunbrella shoots twice."

With this Mutation, Piper shot two bullets in quick succession with her main attack instead of one bullet. If the Homemade Recipe Gadget was used, only the first bullet was affected.


Game Modes and Maps[]

  • Piper's Super can be used to shape the map to your advantage, destroying walls which your opponents would otherwise be hiding behind. This is especially useful on maps such as Shooting Star, where there isn't much cover to begin with. Due to Piper's very low damage at close range and her low health, she cannot afford to be ambushed by tanks at close range and instead must have an open area which tanks have to cross to get to her, allowing Piper to position herself well and attack the enemy.
  • Due to Piper's attack mechanics, she is very likely to have boxes stolen in Showdown as attacking boxes at close range will be very time consuming due to her very slow reload speed and low damage. When breaking down a box at range and an enemy is close to it, target the enemy instead until they are fended off or defeated and then continue with the box.

Recommended Build[]

  • Piper's Auto Aimer Gadget can be used to stop Brawlers who are pursuing her at close range since her main attack does very little damage at close range. It can also help Piper land her narrow shots. Since the movement speed of her enemy will be decreased, she can hit them more easily, or alternatively, she can use their reduced movement speed to escape.
  • Piper's Homemade Recipe Gadget can be used to defeat low health enemies hiding behind walls or to increase the chances of hitting an enemy Brawler at low health to guarantee their defeat. Piper can also take advantage of the extra range of her Gadget to finish off enemies that are out of her attack range.
  • Since Homemade Recipe homes in on Brawlers and determines their location to an extent, it's a good idea to use it when you know someone is in bushes but don't know where they are. This works best on small bushes, as large bushes will be too large for the curvature of the bullet to reach


  • Try to predict your target's movement when firing. Piper's shots are narrow, so you will need to aim ahead of moving targets in case they move out of the shot's range.


  • Piper is effective when hidden inside bushes (with or without Ambush) in open areas because she can utilize her high range faraway without giving her location.
  • Piper's range is very deceiving due to the fast speed of the bullets. Don't underestimate a Piper's range. If you are a more close-ranged brawler juke her shots by moving side to side while steadily advancing to her. Piper is only easy to defeat at close range, otherwise she will definitely put up a good fight from long range.
  • Piper can be overwhelmed and defeated easily if she is unprotected due to her low health and very slow reload, as well as the fact that she only does sufficient damage from distance. Piper is most effective when she is covered by other Brawlers on her team. If enemies do get too close, it may be a good idea to use Piper's Super to escape if the Super is charged. You need to aim too because otherwise, you land in the place from where you jumped.
  • Piper has a very defensive Super since it only affects the area right near her, but it can also be used offensively in a riskier play. Piper can rush the enemy team, drop the grenades, and fly away. In addition, she can use her Super to destroy enemy cover to open up the map. This plays to her advantage because her long range is more effective in open maps.
  • When escaping, always try your best to aim Piper away from the enemy rather than auto-aiming because if you quickfire her super, she will only land in the place from where she activated her super, without covering any distance. However, if you are in a very pressurized situation and your enemy has short range, you can quickfire the Super because the knockback of the grenades is reliable to distance yourself from them. However, always aim the landing point when you can.
  • Charge up Piper's Super as a priority, as there are Brawlers that can pop right in such as Darryl, Bull, Mortis, and Edgar. If you have your Auto Aimer Gadget, use it primarily to escape as its offensive capabilities are negligible.
  • Assassin Brawlers are a major counter to Piper due to their above-average speed and abilities that help them dodge and reach her very easily (Mortis's dash, Crow's and Leon's Supers, etc.), so it is best to avoid and keep an eye on them from distance.
  • Think carefully when it comes to the position of Piper's landing after her Super. Since it takes a long time for her to land, it is easy for the enemy to predict where she will end up. Try going to places that the enemy will take a long time to reach such as across water regions or behind walls, but make sure you do not land close to the location of other enemies..

Voice Lines[]

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super


  • 03/07/17:
    • Neutral Piper was added to the game.
  • 06/07/17:
    • Nerf Piper's Super recharge rate was decreased by 25%.
  • 16/08/17:
    • Nerf Piper's main attack damage was decreased to 440 (from 460) at max range.
    • Nerf Her Super damage was decreased to 200 (from 300) per grenade.
  • 04/09/17:
    • Nerf Piper's main attack damage was decreased to 420 (from 440) at max range.
  • 07/12/17:
    • Neutral The health and damage statistics of all Brawlers were multiplied by 4.
    • Neutral Piper's Ambush Star Power was added.
  • 27/01/18:
    • Buff Piper's reload time was decreased to 2.5 seconds (from 3).
    • Nerf Her damage was decreased to 1480 (from 1680) at max range.
  • 21/03/18:
    • Buff Piper's main attack damage was increased to 1560 (from 1480) at max range.
    • Buff Her main attack projectile size was increased.
    • Nerf Her main attack range was decreased to be in view of the screen.
    • Neutral Every Brawler's movement speed was increased by 70 points, increasing Piper's base movement speed to 720 (from 650).
    • Neutral All Brawlers' projectile speeds are increased by 9%.
  • 23/03/18:
    • Nerf Piper's main attack projectile speed was decreased by 3%.
    • Nerf Her main attack projectile size was decreased by 33%.
  • 09/04/18:
    • Buff Piper's main attack damage increased to 1640 (from 1560) at max range.
    • Nerf Her cooldown between shots was increased to 0.5 seconds (from 0.25).
  • 29/05/18:
    • Buff Piper's reload time was decreased to 2.3 seconds (from 2.5).
  • 15/04/19:
    • Buff Piper's Super damage was increased to 900 (from 800) per grenade.
    • Buff Her Super grenade count was increased to 4 (from 3).
    • Neutral Her Super's grenades are placed further away from each other.
  • 14/08/19:
    • Neutral Piper's Snappy Sniping Star Power was added.
  • 29/08/19:
    • Buff Piper's Ambush Star Power bonus damage was increased to 500 (from 400).
    • Nerf Piper's Snappy Sniping Star Power ammo gain was decreased to 0.4 (from 0.5).
    • Neutral Piper was remodeled, and the Pink Piper skin was added.
  • 18/09/19:
    • Nerf Piper's Snappy Sniping Star Power ammo gain was decreased to 0.3 (from 0.4).
  • 09/10/19:
    • Buff Piper's Ambush Star Power bonus damage was increased to 800 (from 500).
    • Neutral Her Super now drops the grenades in a fixed pattern on the ground.
  • 23/10/19:
    • Nerf Piper's main attack damage was decreased to 1600 (from 1640) at max range.
  • 01/11/19:
    • Neutral The Calavera Piper skin was added. It was featured as a Brawl-o-ween skin.
  • 07/11/19:
    • Nerf Piper's main attack damage was decreased to 1520 (from 1600) at max range.
  • 14/02/20:
    • Neutral The Cupid Piper skin was added. It was featured as a Brawlentine's Day skin.
  • 17/03/20:
    • Neutral Piper's Auto Aimer Gadget was added.
  • 13/05/20:
    • Neutral Piper's Auto Aimer Gadget was reworked from firing 4 homing bullets that deal 500 damage each in a very large radius to firing a single bullet that deals 100 damage, knocks back enemies, and slows them down for 0.5 seconds.
  • 02/07/20:
    • Neutral Piper's True Silver and True Gold skins were added.
  • 15/07/20:
    • Neutral Piper's Homemade Recipe Gadget was added.
  • 18/08/20:
    • Nerf Piper's Homemade Recipe Gadget homing bullet range was decreased by 15%.
  • 10/09/20:
    • Neutral Piper and her Pink skin were slightly remodeled.
  • 22/10/20:
    • Neutral Piper, Cupid Piper, and Pink Piper received facial animations.
    • Neutral Fixed an issue where Piper's Auto Aimer Gadget overrode Frank's Active Noise Cancelling Gadget.
  • 04/12/20:
    • Neutral The Choco Piper skin was added. It was featured as a Line Friends skin.
  • 15/12/20:
    • Buff Piper's Snappy Sniping ammo gain was increased to 0.4 (from 0.3).
    • Neutral Piper's Super landing indicator was added (X).
  • 27/01/21:
    • Neutral Calavera Piper received facial animations.
  • 25/08/21:
    • Neutral Calavera Piper's main attack and Super visual effects were reworked.
  • 15/09/21:
    • Neutral The Lunar Piper skin was added.
  • 28/09/21:
    • Neutral Fixed an issue where the Lunar Piper skin would cause a small screen shake when she starts moving.
  • 27/10/21:
    • Neutral Piper's class was changed to Damage Dealer (from Sharpshooter).
  • 28/02/23:
    • Neutral Piper's class was changed to Marksman (from Damage Dealer).
  • 06/03/23:
    • Neutral The Mariposa Piper skin was added. It was featured as a Power League exclusive skin for Brawl Pass Season 17.
  • 25/04/23:
    • Neutral Pink Piper now costs 29 Gems (from 500 Star Points).
    • Neutral Mariposa Piper now costs 149 Gems (from 25000 Star Points).
    • Neutral Piper, Pink Piper, and Choco Piper's main attack and Super visual effects were reworked.
  • 05/09/23:
    • Buff Piper's main attack damage was increased to 1700 (from 1520) at max range.
    • Nerf Piper's Homemade Recipe Gadget homing bullet range was decreased by 33%.
    • Neutral All Brawlers' health and damage were increased from 5% to 10% with each Power Level.
  • 24/10/23:
    • Neutral Piper's Auto Aimer Gadget damage was increased to 136 (from 100) and now scales with Power Levels.
    • Neutral Piper's Ambush Star Power bonus damage was increased to 1071 (from 800) and now scales with Power Levels.
    • Neutral Piper's flavor text was changed from "Piper's sniper shots do more damage the farther they travel. Her Super drops grenades at her feet, while Piper herself leaps away!" to "Piper wants nothing more than to be the local village baker who hands out pies, cookies and other sweet treats! Just don't ask about her past."
  • 12/12/23:
    • Neutral Fixed an issue with Pink Piper's Super visual effects.
  • 13/02/24:
    • Neutral The Flag Bearer Piper skin was added. It was featured as a Brawlnaval skin.
  • 25/03/24:
    • Nerf Piper's health was decreased to 2300 (from 2400).
  • 23/04/24:
    • Nerf Piper's main attack damage was decreased to 443 (from 492) at min range.
  • 29/04/24:
    • Neutral Piper's Mutation was added for a limited time.
  • 20/05/24:
    • Neutral Piper's Mutation was removed from the game.
  • 22/05/24:
    • Nerf Piper's main attack damage was decreased to 340 (from 443) at min range.
  • 25/06/24:
    • Neutral Piper's Boppin' Hypercharge was added.
  • 08/07/24:
    • Neutral The Athena Piper skin was added. It was featured as a Legends of Olympus skin.


Skins (10)[]


Skin Pins
Piper Skin-Default
Piper Pin-Neutral


Piper Pin-Happy


Piper Pin-Sad


Piper Pin-Angry


Piper Pin-GG


Piper Pin-Clap


Piper Pin-Thanks


Piper Pin-Phew


Piper Pin-Special


Piper Pin-Facepalm


Piper Pin-Hypercharge


Piper Skin-Calavera
Piper Calavera Pin-Neutral


Piper Skin-Cupid
Piper Cupid Pin-Neutral


Piper Skin-Mariposa
Piper Mariposa Pin-Neutral


Piper Skin-Flag Bearer
Piper Flag Bearer Pin-Special


Piper Skin-Lunar
Piper Lunar Pin-Neutral


Piper Skin-Athena
Piper Athena Pin-Thanks






Piper Hypercharge-Spray

Piper Hypercharge

Athena Piper-Spray

Athena Piper


Profile Icons[]





Piper Hypercharge-pfp


Flag Bearer Piper-pfp

Flag Bearer Piper

Lunar Piper-pfp

Lunar Piper

Mariposa Piper-pfp

Mariposa Piper

Cupid Piper-pfp

Cupid Piper

Athena Piper-pfp

Athena Piper