"Piper de la Prim is always the Belle of the Brawl. All class to begin with, she was also top of her class at sharpshooting."
Piper Portrait

Piper is an Epic Brawler with low health but the potential to do very high damage to her targets. Her single-shot Attack does more damage if she is farther away, so she excels at supporting her team as a sniper. Her Super allows her to jump away from her enemies and damage them as she goes.

Attack: Gunbrella

"Piper fires a sniper shot from the tip of her parasol. The shot gains more oompf the farther it flies!"
Piper shoots a single bullet from her parasol that travels very quickly. The longer the bullet travels, the more damage the bullet will inflict, so Piper is less effective against enemies near her. Piper's Attack is very slow to reload.

Super: Poppin'

"Piper hops away to avoid pushy suitors. She leaves them a lady's favor though: three live grenades from her garter!"
When her Super is used, Piper will jump up into the air and throw 3 grenades below her that deal heavy damage to any enemies near them when they detonate. While in the air, Piper is completely immune to all damage besides damage applied over time.

Star Power: Ambush

"Like a viper, Piper sets up an ambush whenever she is hidden in a bush, dealing +400 damage (at max range)."
When Piper is hidden within a bush, her main attack gains 400 bonus damage, making her already devastating shots even more deadly. The bullet also gets rainbow trail replacing the standard rings.


  • Be sure to keep Piper as far as possible from enemies to not only to avoid enemy fire, but to also maximize her Attack's damage.
  • Piper can be overwhelmed and defeated easily if she is unprotected. Piper is most effective when she is covered by other Brawlers on her team. If enemies do get too close, it may be a good idea to use Piper's Super to escape if the Super is charged. You need to aim too, because otherwise you land in the place from where you jumped.
  • Try to predict your target's movement when firing. Piper's shots are narrow, so you will need to aim ahead of your targets if they are moving so that they do not move out of the way of the shot.
  • Piper has a very defensive Super since it only affects the area right near her, but it can also be used offensively in a riskier play. Piper can rush the enemy team, drop the grenades, and fly away.
  • Piper's Super can be used to shape the map to your advantage, destroying walls which your opponents would otherwise be hiding behind.
  • Charge up Piper's Super as a priority, as there are Brawlers that can dash right in such as Darryl and Mortis. Her Super is highly needed for escaping.
  • Always try not to auto-aim her Super, as she will only jump up and down as a result. Brawlers who are not killed by her grenades will gain a huge advantage when she lands right onto them.
  • Think carefully when it comes to the position of Piper's landing after her Super. Since it takes a long time for her to land, it is easy for the enemy to predict where she will. Try going to places that the enemy will take a long time to reach such as across water regions or behind walls.


  • On 6/7/17, Piper's Super was made to charge 25% slower.
  • On 16/8/17, Piper's main attack damage was decreased to 440 (from 460). Super damage was decreased to 200 (from 300) per grenade.
  • On 4/9/17, Piper’s main attack damage was decreased (From 440 to 420)
  • On 7/12/17, the health and damage statistics of all Brawlers were multiplied by 4.
  • On 27/1/18, Piper's reload time was decreased to 2.5s (from 3.0) and damage was decreased to 1480 (from 1680).
  • On 21/3/18, Piper's main attack damage was increased to 1560 (from 1480) and her main attack projectile size was increased.
  • On 23/3/18, Piper's main attack bullet size was decreased by 33% and bullet speed decreased by 3%.
  • On 9/4/18, Piper’s cooldown between shots was increased to 0.5s (from 0.25s) and increased damage at max range to 1640 (from 1560).
  • On 29/5/18, Piper's reload time was decreased to 2.3s (from 2.5).