Pinhole Punt is an official map for the Brawl Ball event.


The ball starts at the center bordered by a two tile thick bush border. There are six 2x3 bushes with the top and bottom covered by walls. A three tile horizontal wall is placed near to the border and further from it is a five tile wall instead. Goals contain two large entrances with the opening only being three tiles long.


  • Brawlers should stay by the side bushes of the top section and wait for an attack if they know they aren't able to push through and score a goal.
  • Recommended Brawlers on this map are medium-ranged Brawlers as well as a few longer ranged ones such as Bea.
  • Tara's Super can act as a wall breaker and be used to kill heavyweights stalling by the opposite side of walls.
  • Pam can act as pseudo tank on this map when necessary, but overall should focus on blocking Brawlers from entering the center bush border. Any place near a bush is decent Super placement on this map, however it should be one tile away from walls.
  • If your teammate doesn't have a support such as Poco or Pam to help bush-check the entire center bush border, Emz can check as well by doing heavy burst damage.
  • Rosa has just enough Gadget charges for their Gadget Grow Light to fill the center of this map as well as the side bushes. Only connect these bushes if the enemy team has a low damage output.
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