Pinball Dreams is a community map for the Brawl Ball event.


The center of this map is very open with horizontal fencing in the sides effectively splitting the map into two. The goal entrances get progressively larger as Brawlers get closer to the goal. The goal itself is a three tile opening.


  • Brawlers can easily score trick-shots off the sides of the obstacles. The simplicity of this map with scoring trick-shots is one reason why walls shouldn't be destroyed on this map. By doing so you are quickening enemy recover time through a lack of walls with little reward for doing so in the long run.
    • Jacky can pressure enemies to stay near their goal with her main attack if the walls by the enemy's goal are not destroyed as well.
    • When a goal is scored, either by the enemy team or your own, if Mortis has his super, he can dash in and trick-shot the ball into the goal as he can take some damage with his moderate health. Beware of enemy supers that can knock back Mortis. Note: This will not work if you are facing heavyweights.
  • Poco should have an easy time with controlling the center of this map early game to charge his Super quickly. Once his Super is charged he should focus on pushing enemies back for his teammates to goal, unless he is the bulkiest Brawler in their team in which he should be the ball carrier.
  • Similarly to Jacky, Mr. P can attack almost always with use of his main attack. His Super should be placed by the right fencing if there is no Brawler that can attack over walls in the enemy team. If there is one, it should be placed in the left lane or the center bottom further back from walls.
  • Sandy should stay near the fencing and charge their Super which they can use in helping short-ranged Brawlers gain control. Their Super should be placed in the direct center or center top if the Brawlers in question are hiding in either of the two bush clusters near the fencing.
  • Nita's bear Bruce has great value on this map if the walls are not destroyed. The goal of Bruce should be to push Brawlers to walls where Brawlers that can attack over walls can finish them off.


  • On 27/2/19, Pinball Dreams was added to the game.
  • On 16/11/19, Pinball Dreams was featured in the Brawl Stars World Finals 2019 as a Semifinals map.
  • On 20/3/20, Pinball Dreams was featured in the PSG Cup Challenge as a Stage II map. The environment of Pinball Dreams had temporarily changed from Grassfield theme to Brawl Ball Arena theme.
  • On 10/9/20, Pinball Dreams was removed from the game.
  • On 16/6/21, Pinball Dreams was added back to the game. Pinball Dreams was featured in the Season 3 Power League as a Brawl Ball map.
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