Perimeter is a community map for the Hot Zone event. It was added in the July 2020 update.


The map's zones are pierced by metal fencing with bushes growing near them towards each team. The center lane opens into the more open areas of the map, but its lack of cover poses a risk for Brawlers.


  • Throwers can attack enemies hiding behind the fencing and possibly block them off. Throwers should always be accompanied with a short-ranged Brawler if they choose to control a zone.
  • Short-ranged Brawlers heading towards the right zone should stay near the bush when trying to control a zone. Rosa's Grow Light helps keep her location more hidden as otherwise options are limited.
  • Medium-ranged Brawlers should stay inside the center lane, attacking incoming Brawlers before they take cover. Bo's Super can break the fencing and act as area denial.
    • Mr. P is an exception as their pseudo-thrower attacks allows them to control the right zone relatively well. Although, the left zone favors the enemy team.
  • Long-ranged Brawlers are at a disadvantage on the map. Unless they can destroy obstacles quickly, their purpose for most of the match will be to stay behind the fencing to raise the flag slightly over short periods of time.
  • The bottom bush cluster can be used to fall back to, Brawlers with a longer range should use this location to assist their teammates.
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