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Peak Oil is a community map for the Takedown event.


The map has four central bush patches with a few pointed ones in the map's edges. The map's few Power Cubes are distributed evenly across the map. The map itself is diagonally symmetrical.


  • The map's openness favors long-ranged Brawlers, but only in the outer winding lanes.
  • Colt and Brock both have high damage and utility that other sharpshooters may or may not possess. If the Boss is led to the trunk forests, these Brawlers will still be able to handle themselves against heavyweights. Colt's Silver Bullet Gadget can clear obstacles to make access easier for him.
  • The trunks are clustered together and are a good place for heavyweights to hide behind when the Boss gets closer to the edges.
  • The lakes have walls bordering it that Darryl can use to gain position on the Boss. This can be even more effective with his Steel Hoops Star Power.
  • The segmented bush patches are easy to get pinched and cornered in. However, throwers can use them efficiently.


  • On 23/10/19, Peak Oil was added to the game. Peak Oil was affected by the Lasers Modifier.
  • On 23/01/20, Peak Oil was removed from the game.