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"Push your team’s minecart (?) by standing near it. The first team to push their minecart to the goal wins the match! Standing near the opponent's minecart slows it down. If the time runs out, the team that got the furthest wins!"

Payload is an Event that was introduced during the 2022 Season 11 update. Each team has one payload which they have to push to the end of the rails. Stand near your payload to push it towards the end, and slow down the enemy's payload by standing next to it. The game ends when a team pushes their payload to the end of the rails. To win, bring your team's payload to the end or have your cart pushed further than the enemy team's cart.

If both payloads have not reached the end after two minutes, the game goes into overtime. During overtime, the speed of the carts increases. If the carts still have not reached the end after overtime, the winning team is decided if they have their cart pushed further than the other team. If both teams have pushed their cart the same distance however, the match ends in a draw.

Useful Brawlers[]

  • Jacky: Jacky's area attack can shred enemies who come too close to the payload, keeping it moving steady. Her Super can be used to drag enemies away from their payload or from your payload, and gives you the window to attack all enemies at once.
  • Emz: Emz's spray clouds can keep enemies away from your payload, and can force enemies away from their payload. Her Super can keep enemies from getting closer to the payload, or can pin down enemies to allow teammates to finish them off easily.
  • Squeak: Squeak is one of the best picks for this game mode because the radius of his attack can cover the radius of payload entirely. The area of damage forces enemies to either retreat or take damage, slowing the enemy team down. He gets better with his Residue Gadget to slow enemies and his Chain Reaction Star Power to dish out more damage.
  • Frank: Frank's high base HP makes him a good option for pushing the payload. His attacks deal high area damage, and his Super can crush enemies of all sorts. He can also slow down the enemy's payload with his high HP to keep him alive.
  • Edgar: Edgar is a moderately mild pick as he heals when he attacks, and thus he can jump from one payload to another and then speed away. Both gadgets are good choices.
  • Jessie: Jessie's attack's bounce mechanic is very useful when dealing with grouped up enemies, which means she can wipe out entire teams and charge her Super at the same time. Her turret can chip away at enemies and force them to attack it, slowing their track's progress and giving your team the opportunity to defeat them.
  • Gale: Gale's Super can easily push enemies away from either payloads, an extremely useful mechanic. His Star Powers can keep enemies pinned down for longer when they come in contact with a wall, or slow down enemies going to their payload or advancing towards yours.
  • Dynamike: Dynamike's Super and attack can hit about the size of the cart, which is very useful in stopping the enemy team from getting their minecart from completing the track especially when combined with his Satchel Charge Gadget.
  • Bibi: Bibi's attack's knockback is invaluable in this mode as it knocks enemies away from either your payload or the enemies'. Her high health and damage also justifies picking her in this mode.
  • Penny: Penny is one of the most useful Brawlers in this mode due to the fact her attacks have a wide coin burst, dealing high damage to grouped-up enemies. Her mortar also forces enemies to split up and keep moving around the map.
  • Cordelius: Cordelius is quite useful in this mode, as his Super can stop enemies from pushing their payload. With his fast Super charge rate, he can pick off enemies one by one, significantly slowing their cart's progress.


  • The payload does not move faster with more teammates nearby. It may be wise to have one person push the cart while the other two go out and disrupt the enemy team from pushing theirs. On the other hand, note that your team's payload with both an ally and an enemy Brawler in it will move slower than a payload with only an ally in it.
  • The payload has the same hitbox as the minecarts found in Minecart Madness and can similarly destroy terrain and block projectiles. Keep this in mind when playing Brawlers like Sprout, Leon and Darryl as they may be negatively impacted by the payload.


  • On 08/03/22, Payload was temporarily added to the game during Brawl Pass Season 11.
  • On 17/03/22, fixed an issue that caused Tick's Super to not deal damage if hit by a payload.
  • On 27/04/22, Payload was removed from the game.
  • On 27/06/23, Payload was temporarily added back to the game during Brawl Pass Season 19. Players can now attack and walk through the payload.
  • On 05/09/23, Payload was removed from the game.