Parallel Plays is a community map for the Hot Zone event. It was added in the July 2020 update.


The map has two zones and an open center. The distance between the two zones is a major part of the map's gameplay, making certain zones favorable for separate teams. Arched side bushes lead to a wall which Brawlers can walk around to enter a zone. Each zone has a few walls within which Brawlers can use to protect themselves.


  • Teams should spread out for more control as the map has less walls than others. Ideally, two Brawlers should push towards the enemy team's zone while a teammate stays back to control the zone closest to the player's team.
  • Throwers should stick to the 4x1/5x1 fence as most Brawlers will move through the side bushes.
  • Brawlers heading towards the zone furthest from the player's team should have an above average movement speed to assert constant pressure on the enemy team.
    • Max and Bibi with her Home Run Star Power can dodge shots using the yellow arcade blocks and their tremendous speed to buy time for their teammates to head in with them. Max can use her Super for teammates that are tagging along.
    • Gale with their Spring Ejector Gadget is one of the best picks for getting Brawlers to the far zone. Using the Gadget can save valuable time getting there for him and his teammates which can turn the tide of matches.
  • Pam and 8-BIT's bulkiness, damage, and range make them great defenders for the left zone. Even if enemies dominate them frequently, they will be able to do considerable poke damage until their teammates can help them regain control.
  • Brawlers heading through the center lane need to have medium to long range to compensate for the lack of bushes.
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