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Pancake is an official map for the Volley Brawl event.


The ball is surrounded by a couple small wall clusters with smaller jagged walls filling the outside of the map. There is also a small section of speed tiles near both spawns. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Due to the large number of small wall segments, assassins and heavyweights are recommended on this map.
    • Gale is a good counter to these Brawlers, as well as generally being good in Volley Brawl with his Super and Spring Ejector Gadget for mobility.
  • The speed tiles at the bottom of the map can help remove 8-Bit's major weakness, his speed, making him a good defensive Brawler as long as he's using his Plugged In Star Power as well.
  • Defensive Brawlers have hindered movement on defense, a good offensive Brawler like El Primo should offset their weaknesses.


  • On 16/06/21, Pancake was added to the game.
  • On 25/08/21, Pancake was removed from the game.