"Pam shoots from the hip, peppering targets with shrapnel. Her Super is a healing turret that restores her and teammates' health!"
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Pam is an Epic Brawler whose Super places a device that heals nearby teammates. Her main attack shoots a burst of scrap metal in a sweeping pattern. She has high health and can deal damage in a large area. Her Gadget, Pulse Modulator, triggers her turret to emit a pulse that heals anyone in its area of effect a bit. Her first Star Power, Mama's Hug, allows her to slightly heal herself and allies in range whenever she hits an enemy, and her second Star Power, Mama's Squeeze, allows her healing turret to do damage to enemies within its area of effect.

Attack: Scrapstorm

"Pam sprays a large area with bursts of scrap metal. Safety goggles advised!"

Pam shoots nine pieces of scrap metal in a spread-out volley that sweeps back and forth twice, meaning that she may hit many enemies at once, but it is very inaccurate and inconsistent when dealing with a single enemy, so Pam struggles to defeat Brawlers one-on-one from a distance. This attack takes 1.05 seconds to complete.

Super: Mama's Kiss

"Pam's healing turret will fix up her and teammates who stay in its area of effect."

Pam's Super deploys a heal station that heals allies within a rather large radius. However, it cannot heal minions like Jessie's turret, Nita's bear, or another Pam's healing station.

Gadget: Pulse Modulator

"Pam triggers her turret to emit a pulse that heals allies inside the turret's range, including herself, for 1200 health."

Pam will instantaneously heal any allies and herself in her healing turret's area of effect for 1200 health. She may use it even if she is not presently standing in the turret's area of effect. However, Pam has to be within 12 tiles of the turret to activate this Gadget.

Star Powers

Mama's Hug

"Whenever Pam hits enemies with Scrapstorm, she heals herself and nearby friendly Brawlers for 48 health."

Within a 4 tile radius of Pam, she heals herself and nearby teammates by 48 each time a bullet of hers hits any enemy (432 health in total if all bullets hit). This does not include hits on an enemy Jessie's turret, Nita's bear, an enemy Pam's healing station, Tara's shadow, or Mr. P's robo-porters.

Mama's Squeeze

"Healing turret now also damages enemies for 800 damage per second."

This allows her turret to do 800 damage per second if an enemy Brawler stands within the healing station. This includes turrets and other spawnables.


  • Try to get close to enemy Brawlers to deal damage because Pam's main attack is somewhat weak and inaccurate if she’s attacking from a distance. If she doesn’t get close enough, she cannot easily defeat enemy Brawlers without help. However, if all of her bullets hit a single target, her main attack is very strong and it will most likely leave brawlers with very low HP.
  • Charge Pam's Super as quickly as possible and try to keep a heal station on the field at all times.
  • Pam is mainly a defensive Brawler, healing teammates while providing cover fire.
  • Her healing turret is especially useful in Siege. When well-placed in the middle of the map, it allows Pam and her teammates to survive and control the middle to gain more bolts.
  • If you are doing a Showdown battle with the Angry Robo modifier, you can do Duo Showdown with El Primo and Pam. This is the best way to melt the Angry Robo and rack up the power cubes, as they drop 3 when destroyed.
  • Place Pam's healing turret behind walls/cover, as the healing turret's radius still works through walls. This can ensure plenty of healing while keeping the turret itself safe.
  • In tight situations, Pam's Super can be quick-fired to serve as a meatshield, sacrificing it in the process to increase the chance of escape when being chased. Although this should be avoided when running from Penny as her splash damage or Jessie's bounce orbs can deal even more damage than a normal attack.
  • Pam's Mama's Hug, while not healing much, can still be a useful aspect in keeping teammates alive. Be sure to stay close to them to maximize healing.
  • Pam, with her Mama's Squeeze, can be especially useful in Siege, since her turret can do damage per second. Pam's damage up-close plus her turret can be dangerous here.
  • Pam is also very useful in Boss Fight, Robo Rumble and Super City Rampage both for the damage she can do from a safe range and for her healing turret and Mama's Hug.
  • Pam's Mama's Hug Star Power can easily counter tick damage, such as Crow's poison. If you can consistently land your shots, your health will regenerate faster than Crow's poison decay.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"My tools, ain't for fools!"
"Top of the scrap heap."
"Oh, you'll pay for this!"
"Don't be crying."
"I'll fix you up!"
"Let's get scrappy!"
"This is my scrap yard."
"Nuts and bolts!"
"Nothing to salvage."
"Ah, scrap it."
"Repair, reuse, recycle!"
"Wham bam, here comes Pam!"
"Rubbish rampage!"
Pam groans
"Not tough enough!"
"It's just a scratch."
"Come on, we can do this!"
"Come to mama!"
"Who's your mama?"
Pam screams
"You got scrapped."
"Ooh, mama's gotta rest."
"Time to fix this mess!"
"Aw, banana oil."


  • 4/9/17:
    • Pam was added to the game. Neutral
  • 12/9/17:
    • Pam's main attack's spread was decreased. Nerf
    • Her reload time decreased to 1.6 seconds (from 1.8). Buff
    • The number of hits necessary to charge her Super was decreased to 20 (from 21). Buff
    • Her Healing Station's healing radius was increased. Buff
    • Her Super's healing per second was increased to 80 (from 60). Buff
  • 7/12/17:
    • The health and damage statistics of all Brawlers were multiplied by 4. Neutral
    • Pam's Star Power Mama's Hug was added. Neutral
    • Pam's Healing Station's healing per second was increased to 400 (from 320). Buff
  • 18/12/17:
    • Pam's healing station healing per second reduced to 360 (from 400). Nerf
    • Fixed a bug which allowed the healing station to expire. Neutral
  • 16/1/18:
    • Pam's health was increased to 4200 (from 4000). Buff
    • Her reload speed was decreased to 1.2 seconds (from 1.6 sec). Buff
    • The number of bullets in each main attack was decreased to 9 (from 11). Nerf
    • Her healing station's health was decreased to 2800 (from 3600). Nerf
    • Her Super's heal per second was reduced to 320 (from 360). Nerf
  • 9/3/18:
    • Pam's main attack damage was increased to 180 (from 160). Buff
  • 21/3/18:
    • Every Brawler's movement speed was increased by 70 points, increasing Pam's base movement speed to 720 (from 650). Neutral
    • All Brawlers' projectile speeds are increased by 9%. Neutral
  • 23/3/18:
    • Pam's main attack damage was increased to 200 (from 180). Buff
  • 9/4/18
    • Pam's main attack damage was increased to 220 (from 200). Buff
  • 31/8/18:
    • Pam's main attack damage was increased to 240 (from 220). Buff
  • 27/9/18:
    • Pam's main attack damage was increased to 260 (from 240). Buff
    • The number of hits necessary to charge her Super was decreased to 15 (from 16). Buff
    • Her flavor text was changed to "Pam shoots from the hip, peppering targets with shrapnel. Her Super is a healing turret that restores her and teammates' health!", from "Pam is an iron-willed lady who keeps the extended Junker family in order." Neutral
  • 5/12/18:
    • Pam's health was increased to 4400 (from 4200). Buff
  • 27/2/19:
    • Pam's reload speed was increased to 1.3 seconds (from 1.2 sec). Nerf
  • 15/4/19:
    • Pam's main attack damage was decreased to 240 (from 260). Nerf
    • Her health was decreased to 4300 (from 4400). Nerf
    • When Nita and her Bear and Pam attack Pam’s Healing Stations they now receive the Mama's Hug healing effect. Neutral
  • 24/7/19:
    • Pam's Star Power Mama's Squeeze was added. Neutral
  • 29/8/19:
    • Pam's Mama's Squeeze damage was increased to 500 (from 300). Buff
    • Her Mama's Hug healing was increased to 40 (from 30). Buff
  • 18/9/19:
    • Pam's main attack damage was increased to 260 (from 240). Buff
  • 5/12/19:
    • Pam's health was increased to 4500 (from 4300). Buff
  • 23/1/20:
    • Pam's class was changed to Support (from Healer). Neutral
  • 19/2/20:
    • Pam's health was increased to 4800 (from 4500). Buff
  • 17/3/20:
    • Pam's Gadget Pulse Modulator was added. Neutral
  • 13/5/20:
    • Pam and her turret were remodeled. Neutral
  • 25/6/20:
    • The Holiday Pam skin was added. Neutral
  • 10/9/20:
    • Pam's healing turret visual healing area has been adjusted to match the effective healing area (visual area is now slightly smaller). Neutral
    • Her Gadget Pulse Modulator healing area was also reduced. Nerf
  • 15/12/20:
    • Pam's Mama's Hug no longer heals Pam if it hits a spawnable or pet. Nerf
    • Pam's Mama's Hug's healing was increased to 48 (from 40). Buff
    • Pam's Super healing was increased to 360 (from 320). Buff
    • Pam's Mama's Squeeze damage was increased to 800 (from 500). Buff



Healing Turret

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