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"Paint the map with your team's color!
Use the paint ball to paint the map's floor, or defeat players to create big splashes of color. First team to paint 60% of the map wins. If time runs out, the team that has more of the map painted wins!"
Paint Brawl

Paint Brawl is a Seasonal Event that was introduced during the June 2024 update. In this event, there are two teams consisting of three players each. Both teams start with 49% map painted based on their team's color. The objective is to take the paint ball (which starts in the middle) or defeat enemy Brawlers, and paint the map's floor. If one team paints 100%, they win. After 3 minutes without a team painting 100%, the team which covered the most wins the match. If both teams' points are tied when the timer ends, the match ends in a draw with no overtime. Attacking with the ball kicks it a certain distance and uses up an ammo bar (unless the Brawler has only one ammo bar, like Carl, Bea, Bonnie, Charlie, Amber or Draco in the alternate form). Shooting the ball with your Super shoots it further and faster, but uses up the Super. The ball can bounce off walls. Gadgets cannot be used if you are holding the ball (though can be in effect while holding the ball). If the ball carrier is stunned, knocked back, or defeated, they will drop the ball.

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  • On 25/06/24, Paint Brawl was temporarily added to the game in Brawl Pass Seasons 28 and 29.