Overgrown Oasis is a community map for the Bounty event.


The map has an oval-shaped center with surrounding "bases" near each lane. Each corner has a bush cluster as well. Outside the main bases are 3x1 walls where Brawlers can fall back to.


  • Rosa's Gadget Grow Light allows her to connect the two bushes in the middle to freely move between them.
  • Long-ranged Brawlers have access to two lanes in the center bush clusters.
  • Brock's Incendiary Star Power works as a temporary blockade for enemies.
  • Close to medium range Brawlers should move in a curving formation inwards from the side lanes to pressure enemy snipers.
  • Most of the map is very confined, throwers are a great asset as they can block off openings namely the side lanes.
  • Sprout in the center lane can be very effective, hitting Brawlers in the opposite center, right and some of the left lanes as well. He should be positioned in the corner of the wall inside the bush with his Photosynthesis Star Power, for the most effectiveness.
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