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Overgrown Canyon (originally called Overgrown Snowtel, Overgrown Oasis) is a community map for the Bounty event.


The map has an oval-shaped center with surrounding "bases" near each lane, flanked by two arc-like protrusions. Each corner has a bush cluster as well. Outside the main bases are 3x1 walls where Brawlers can fall back to. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Rosa's Gadget Grow Light allows her to connect the two bushes in the middle. This will allow her team to move around the map unobserved, making it possible for surprise assaults to be launched on the enemy team.
  • Long-ranged Brawlers are good picks for this map because they can utilize the open nature of the map and they can effectively use the two lanes in the center bush clusters in order to attack incoming enemies from a distance.
  • Brock's Incendiary Star Power has excellent area control and can be used to cut off chokepoints and to slow down enemy movement around the map.
  • Close to medium range Brawlers should move in a curving formation inwards from the side lanes to pressure enemy snipers.
  • Throwers, such as Tick or Barley, are a great asset on this map as they can temporarily block off chokepoints such as the side lanes and prevent enemies from moving around the map without taking heavy damage.
  • Sprout in the center lane can be very effective, hitting Brawlers in the opposite center, right and some of the left lanes as well. He should be positioned in the corner of the wall inside the bush with his Photosynthesis Star Power in order to be in the best position to effectively take out enemy Brawlers.
  • Piper's Ambush Star Power can deal massive amounts of damage and even possibly knock out a Brawler. You can also use Piper's Super to destroy enemy protection and their grass.


  • On 29/08/19, Overgrown Oasis was added to the game.
  • On 16/11/19, Overgrown Oasis was featured in the Brawl Stars World Finals 2019 as a Semifinals map against Tribe Gaming vs NOVA Esports and 3Bears vs Animal Chanpuru.
  • On 18/12/19, Overgrown Oasis was removed from the game.
  • On 10/09/20, Overgrown Oasis was added back to the game. The environment of Overgrown Oasis was changed from the Oasis theme to the Bazaar theme.
  • On 11/11/20, Overgrown Oasis was renamed to Overgrown Snowtel. The environment of Overgrown Snowtel was changed from the Bazaar theme to the Snowtel theme .
  • On 27/01/21, Overgrown Snowtel was removed from the game.
  • On 01/03/22, Overgrown Snowtel was added back to the game. Overgrown Snowtel was renamed to Overgrown Canyon. The environment of Overgrown Canyon was changed from the Snowtel theme to the Canyon theme. Overgrown Canyon was featured in the Season 7 Power League as a Bounty map.
  • On 27/04/22, Overgrown Canyon was no longer featured in the Season 8 Power League as a Bounty map.
  • On 29/06/22, Overgrown Canyon was removed from the game.
  • On 24/08/22, Overgrown Canyon was featured in the Hardest Challenge as a The Last Stage map.