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Outlaw Camp is an official map for the Bounty event.

Bandit Cove was an identical replica of this map for use in the Heist event.


The map has one main entrance pointed towards the center and two side entrances. The main entrance point leads to a large center compartment that has all the bushes at the center which is surrounded by walls, there is a star in the center of the map. There are also thin bush strips around the center formation. Excluding the breakable objects, the map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Hiding in the bushes near the entrance is an effective strategy as a short-ranged Brawler because long-ranged Brawlers are unable to hit you due to the walls.
  • Outlaw Camp is one of the least well-rounded Bounty maps in terms of Brawler friendliness. There aren't many Brawlers that can do well here, although classic close-range Brawlers like Shelly and El Primo thrive thanks to plenty of grass to hide within all across the map.
  • Nita's Super or Rico can flush out enemies hiding in the large, grassy center. Poco can help hold within the center with his wide arc attack that travels through enemies. Barley can flush out a hidden team or at least reduce their potential areas of attack.
  • The separation of bushes in the side lanes means ambushes are very ineffective unless all opponents are in one side of the map.
  • The center compartment is where most of the map's action will occur. Have at least two Brawlers head towards the center while a lone teammate flanks enemies from the sides.
  • Rosa's Grow Light Gadget can connect the two N-shaped bushes together, allowing her to sneak her way and ambush enemies.


  • On 27/06/17, Outlaw Camp was added to the game.
  • On 05/12/18, Outlaw Camp was widened by 4 tiles.
  • On 29/01/19, Outlaw Camp was removed from the game.
  • On 22/11/22, Outlaw Camp was featured in the Nita Pin Set Challenge as a Stage V map.