Outlaw Camp-Map

Map of Outlaw Camp

Outlaw Camp is a removed official map for the Bounty event.


Outlaw Camp has one main entrance point towards the center and a two side entrance points. The main entrance point leads to a large center compartment that has all the bushes at the center which is surrounded by the walls, there is a star in the center of the map. There are also thin line of grass around the small walls and at the edges of the map that is good for hiding and for ambushing opponents.

Name Count
Barrel 2
Vase 6
Wooden Box 2
Red Sandstone Block 50
Grass Stone Block 4
Green Bush 311


  • Hiding in the bushes near the entrance is an effective strategy as a short ranged brawler because long range brawlers are unable to hit you due to the walls.
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