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"Otis is a young street artist on the come-up who works by shooting ink at the walls. Nobody knows his true identity, which only adds to his mystique!"
Otis Portrait

Otis is a Mythic Brawler who could be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at Tier 30 in Season 13: Deep Sea Brawl, or can be obtained from the Starr Road. He has moderate health and damage and has immense utility with his Super. He attacks by shooting three blobs of paint with a slight spread. For his Super, Otis throws his starfish friend Cil onto an enemy that deals damage over time. Enemies affected by Otis' Super can't attack or use their Super, Gadget, or Hypercharge. Otis' first Gadget, Dormant Star, allows his next Super to stay on the ground until it gets stepped on if it doesn't hit an enemy. His second gadget, Phat Splatter, causes his next attack to splash no matter it hits or not similar to Barley's attack. His first Star Power, Stencil Glue, increases the duration of his Super. His second Star Power, Ink Refills, increases the number of projectiles of his attacks to 4 instead of 3.

Attack: Inky Art

"Otis squirts a burst of ink drops from his spray gun arm."

Otis fires three blobs of paint. The globs of paint are slightly spread out similar to 8-Bit's main attack. This attack takes 0.77 seconds to complete.

Super: Silent Seabed

"Otis flings Cil who grabs onto the first enemy hit and prevents them from attacking for a short while."

Otis throws his starfish, named Cil, which prevents affected enemies from using any attacks, Supers, or Gadgets, for 3 seconds, and will deal damage per second for 3 seconds. Enemies hit by Otis' Super will be unable to attack or use their Super, Gadget, or Hypercharge for the duration of the Super. This Super doesn't affect passive effects like the Speed Gear's speed boost or Bo's Circling Eagle Star Power. Otis' Super works on spawnables like Nita's bear, Penny's cannon, or Jessie's turret, however, it won't affect passive turrets like 8-Bit's Turret and Pam's turret, meaning that users can take damage from Pam's Mama's Squeeze Star Power despite Otis using his Super. For the whole duration, a red, crossed-out symbol will show above the head of the affected target, signifying that Otis' Super is active, and if it hits an enemy Brawler, the affected Brawler's screen will turn a bit dark. Enemies can't shoot the ball if they are hit by his Super.

Unlike all other abilities that debuff enemies, the muting effect of Otis' super is not blocked by respawn invincibility, though they are still immune to the damage over time.


Dormant Star

"The next starfish will stay on the ground if an enemy is not hit, laying dormant until an enemy gets close."

When activated, if Otis misses his next Super, the starfish that was thrown will land on the ground and be invisible to enemies similar to Belle's Nest Egg Gadget. Any enemy Brawler who step over the starfish will have the Super effect on them be activated. The starfish will stay on the ground permanently unless an enemy steps on it, or the map is reset similar to when a goal is scored in Brawl Ball or when a round is over in Knockout. Multiple starfish can be on the ground at once, and all the other starfishes won't be removed if Otis hits an enemy with his Super normally. A Gadget symbol will glow above Otis' head signaling this Gadget's activation, as well as a glowing Super joystick. This Gadget's cooldown begins after the Super is used.

Phat Splatter

"Otis's next attack shoots a giant ink ball that leaves a puddle, dealing 1150 damage over time for 3.8 seconds."

Activating this Gadget makes Otis' next attack shoot an ink puddle that deals four ticks of 1150 damage in a 2-tile radius over 3.8 seconds. The puddle can damage enemies behind walls, similar to Jacky's and Brock's attack. A Gadget symbol will glow above Otis' head signaling this Gadget's activation, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget's cooldown begins after the attack is used.

Star Powers

Stencil Glue

"Cil mightly squeezes the enemy with all his might. Preventing them from attacking for 33% longer."

This Star Power increases the duration of Otis' Super by 33%, increasing the total duration from 3 seconds to 4 seconds. This also applies to the starfish placed on the ground from his Dormant Star Gadget.

Ink Refills

"Otis now shoots 33% more ink drops."

With this Star Power equipped, Otis shoots 4 ink drops per attack instead of the regular three.


  • Otis' Super can help him escape from Tanks and Assassins, if they get too close to him.
  • The damage area of Otis' Phat Splatter Gadget has slightly more range than his basic attack, and can sometimes even hit enemies behind walls. Use this to finish off enemies that are just slightly outside of your range.
  • Otis can use his Dormant Star Gadget to block off choke points like in Hot Zone and Brawl Ball and prevent enemies from using their abilities. This can be utilized in maps like Parallel Plays and Backyard Bowl. One way is to aim a Super at a choke point near your goal so that when an enemy with a ball triggers it, they cannot shoot the ball and their only option is to walk it in, buying your team a bit of time to stop the goal.
  • Otis' Super can be used against brawlers with the immunity shield because it's preventing them to attack while they have a shield, and if he doesn't use it on the enemy, they can kill him before you can attack the enemy.
  • His Super can prevent enemies from passing the ball in Brawl Ball and Basket Brawl. This can be a useful way to prevent enemies from scoring a goal efficiently.
  • Otis is an insane defender in Heist, as he can stop aggro brawlers like El Primo when they get close to the safe by muting them and then killing him. As an offender, with his Ink Refills Star Power and his Phat Splatter Gadget paired, Otis can deal high damage to the safe.
  • With Otis' Ink Refills Star Power and his Phat Splatter Gadget paired, he can do a lot of DPS against enemies or the safe in Heist.
  • In bushy maps like Snake Prairie, Otis' Gadget Phat Splatter combined with Stencil Glue can cover a lot of bushes and can see an enemy with Otis' super on for 4 seconds.
  • Try to put your Super on close range, because it helps Otis to defeat the enemy faster.

Voice Lines

Spawning In the Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super


  • 29/06/22:
  • 04/07/22:
    • Neutral Otis and his Pharaotis skin were added to the game.
  • 14/07/22:
    • Neutral Fixed an occasional server error when using Otis' Super and his Gadget.
  • 25/07/22:
    • Neutral Otis' Phat Splatter Gadget was added.
  • 08/08/22:
    • Neutral Otis' Ink Refills Star Power was added.
  • 31/08/22:
    • Neutral Otis' Dormant Star Gadget can now be activated without requiring his Super.
    • Neutral Fixed a bug that played the incorrect voice line when unlocking Otis.
    • Neutral Otis' True Silver and True Gold skins were added.
  • 19/09/22:
    • Buff Otis' main attack damage was increased to 460 (from 420) per ink drop.
    • Buff Otis' Super now deals 340 (from 0) damage per second and recharges his Super.
    • Neutral Fixed a server error in specific circumstances when playing Otis.
  • 12/12/22:
    • Nerf Otis' main attack damage was decreased to 440 (from 460) per ink drop.
    • Nerf The number of hits necessary to charge Otis' Super was increased to 13 hits (from 12).
  • 28/02/23:
    • Nerf Otis' health was decreased to 3200 (from 3400).
    • Neutral Otis' class was changed to Controller (from Damage Dealer).
  • 14/04/23:
    • Neutral The Oni Otis skin was added. It was featured as a The Ayakashi Clan skin.
  • 05/09/23:
    • Neutral All Brawlers' health and damage were increased from 5% to 10% with each Power Level.
  • 24/10/23:
    • Neutral Otis' Phat Splatter Gadget damage was increased to 880 (from 810) per second and now scales with Power Levels.
    • Neutral Otis' flavor text was changed from "Otis is a street artist who chills in the deep with his starfish pal Cil. Together they throw up graffiti pieces all over Starr Park." to "Otis is a young street artist on the come-up who works by shooting ink at the walls. Nobody knows his true identity, which only adds to his mystique!"
  • 27/10/23:
    • Neutral Fixed an issue that caused Otis' Phat Splatter Gadget to crash the game.
  • 12/12/23:
    • Neutral Otis' rarity was changed to Mythic (from Chromatic).
    • Neutral The W Otis skin was added. It was featured as a World Champions 2023 skin.
  • 27/02/24:
    • Buff Otis' main attack damage was increased to 460 (from 440) per ink drop.
    • Buff Otis' Phat Splatter Gadget damage was increased to 920 (from 880) per second.
    • Neutral Fixed an issue where the W Otis skin was causing the Dormant Star Gadget not to silence enemies.


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Skin Pins
Otis Skin-Default
Otis Pin-Neutral


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Otis Skin-Pharaotis
Otis Pharaotis Pin-Neutral


Otis Pharaotis Pin-Happy


Otis Pharaotis Pin-Sad


Otis Pharaotis Pin-Angry


Otis Pharaotis Pin-GG


Otis Pharaotis Pin-Clap


Otis Pharaotis Pin-Thanks


Otis Pharaotis Pin-Phew


Otis Pharaotis Pin-Special


Otis Skin-Oni
Otis Oni Pin-Neutral


Otis Skin-W
Otis W Pin-Special






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Oni Otis


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