Nuts & Bolts is an official map for the Siege event.


The map has a fair amount of cover and an exposed middle section for open engagements. A lake positioned on both bases creates an impasse for approaching Siege bots. Wall clusters are sprinkled around the map and act as obstacles for approaching Brawlers.


  • Heavyweights are favored on this map. Brawlers that are frequently used on Siege are at a disadvantage because of these bulkier Brawlers.
    • Frank and Jacky can act as bolt collectors for most of the game.
  • Medium-ranged Brawlers such as Emz and Sandy can deal with heavyweights only for a short period of time. These two Brawlers should play on the side lanes where they have more room.
  • Sprout can block the narrow entrances with it's Super to stop enemies getting bolts or slow down the Siege bot.
  • Darryl can get a head start in matches and sieges by using the lakes to extend his Super duration. With his Steel Hoops Star Power he can become almost invincible as he rolls towards the IKE.
  • Throwers are great options for dealing with enemies camping behind walls. Barley can block off multiple openings with the use of his Super as well.
  • Gene can pull Siege Bots across the lake to gather more time in destroying it. Gene should play center lane where his medium-range ball is more reliable.
  • Penny should place her Super just behind the wooden boxes outside the IKE range, so it cannot be damaged unless there is an enemy thrower. Her Balls of Fire Star Power can be an additional support.
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