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"Nita strikes her enemies with a thunderous shockwave. Her Super summons a massive bear to fight by her side!"
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Nita is a Common Brawler that is unlocked as a Trophy Road reward upon reaching 15 Trophies. She has moderately high health and attacks with shockwaves that have moderate range and can hit multiple enemies. She is most notable for her Super's ability to summon "Bruce", a bear that has moderately high health and quick melee attacks. Her first Gadget, Bear Paws, will briefly stun all enemies in an area around her Bear. Her second Gadget, Faux Fur, shields her Bear for a brief amount of time. Her first Star Power, Bear with Me, heals her bear slightly but considerably whenever she herself hits an enemy with her attack, and heals her likewise whenever her bear hits an enemy. Her second Star Power, Hyper Bear, increases the attack speed of her bear.

Attack: Rupture

"Nita sends forth a shockwave, damaging enemies caught in the tremor."

Nita releases a shockwave that deals low damage but reloads very fast. It has moderate range, and the shockwave is fairly wide. The shockwave can pierce and hit multiple enemies.

Super: Overbearing

"Nita summons the spirit of Big Baby Bear to hunt down her enemies."

Nita summons a bear to chase down and damage enemies. The bear walks towards the nearest enemy even if they are in a bush and attempts to hit them with quick melee attacks that deal low damage each. The bear has the same maximum health as Nita.


Bear Paws

"Nita commands her bear to slam the ground, stunning all enemies within its reach."

After a 1-second delay, Nita's bear will stun enemies for 0.5 seconds within a 3.33 tile radius of it, allowing it to catch up to and attack them when this Gadget is used. The Gadget can only be used while Nita has a bear from her Super within 12 tiles of her current location on the map.

Faux Fur

"For the next 3 seconds, Nita's bear gets a 35% shield against damage."

Nita's bear will be shielded from attacks by 35% for 3 seconds. This is slightly more protective than most other shielding abilities; however, it is applied onto a mobile spawnable and not the Brawler itself. The Gadget can only be used while Nita has a bear from her Super within 12 tiles of her current location on the map.

Star Powers

Bear with Me

"Nita recovers 800 health whenever her bear hits an enemy brawler. When Nita deals damage to an enemy brawler, her bear regains 800 health."

This Star Power allows Nita to heal her bear and her bear to heal her when they attack enemy Brawlers respectively. After Nita or her bear attacks an enemy Brawler, small green effects fly out from them to her bear or Nita to heal them, and they can be seen even when Nita and her bear are inside a bush or Nita is invisible. Neither Nita nor Bruce can heal from attacking spawnables.

Hyper Bear

"Nita's bear attacks faster. Time between swipes is reduced by 60%."

This allows Nita's bear to deal damage 2.5 times as fast as it usually would, and decreases Bruce's attack delay from 0.6 seconds to 0.24 seconds.


  • Nita's attack can hit multiple enemies from a fair distance away. Take advantage of this when enemies gather close together.
  • Nita's Super can be thrown over walls, so it can come in handy for dealing with enemies that are hiding behind one.
  • The bear summoned by Nita's Super has moderately high health, allowing Nita to create her own tank. The bear distracts enemies and absorbs fire, protecting Nita and giving her a chance to deal damage.
  • The bear she summons can also detect Brawlers hidden in bushes and pursue them. This can help the player locate hiding enemy Brawlers, effectively making it a scouting tool helping you and your teammates.
  • Since Nita's Super is a thrown projectile like Barley's attacks, it will summon the bear quicker if thrown toward an area closer to Nita. This is convenient when you are being attacked by a shotgun-wielding Brawler such as Shelly or Bull since the bear can tank the projectiles, allowing Nita to escape and counterattack.
  • Nita's bear has a very short attack range, so it is best if supported or used in an enclosed area where the enemy will be unable to get past the bear.
  • Nita can use her Super to spawn the bear on a launch pad to ambush unsuspecting enemy Brawlers.
  • Avoid hiding behind her bear when facing a Penny since the splash attack will have a huge effect on Nita.
  • When facing a Frank, throw her bear right behind the Frank. That way, he has to move or attack from 2 angles, making it easier to take him down.
  • Use Nita's Super to bolster an aggressive push on Gem Grab, allowing your team to take control of the mine. The bear can either take damage for your team, wasting the enemy's ammunition, or weaken the enemy.
  • The bear is useful in both Siege and Heist where you can throw the bear past enemies and walls to attack either the safe or IKE turret. In Siege, the bear can add lots of damage when attacking alongside a robot and defending against a robot. Nita's Hyper Bear Star Power is especially useful in these modes.
  • If she ever gets too close to melee Brawlers, use her Super to distract heavyweights like Darryl or Bull so there is ample time to escape.
  • Nita’s Bear Paws Gadget can come into great effect if you have her Hyper Bear Star Power. Nita will be able to stun enemies and charge her Super again extremely fast, which can be useful against high-health Brawlers. However, it also works with her Bear with Me Star Power, allowing the bear to catch up to enemies and heal Nita more.
  • Faux Fur's shield greatly increases Bear with Me's effectiveness. In Heist, using it with her Hyper Bear Star Power may be more favorable. In general, only use Hyper Bear in non-Heist modes when she is using Bear Paws. Bear with Me provides more consistent value in these cases.
  • When facing an enemy Frank, always have the Bear Paws Gadget ready to cancel Frank’s Super when he’s about to stun you, Bruce, and your teammates. This will not only cancel Frank’s Super in the process, therefore defusing it, but also give ample time for teammates to defeat Frank.
  • When facing a Brawler with non-piercing attacks, place Bruce a few tiles (or right in front of you) to make them waste their ammo on Bruce, while you and Bruce can effectively finish them off.
  • Nita's bear can effectively prevent the enemy it is chasing from healing up. The enemy will either have to attack, stopping or preventing natural healing, or get damaged, out of which the enemy will most likely choose the former. This can be used to pressure a weakened Gem carrier or other crucial opponent into getting easily defeated by Nita and her team.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super


  • 20/06/17:
    • Nita's bear's health was decreased to 1000 (from 1200). Nerf
    • The health decay mechanic was removed. Buff
  • 27/06/17:
    • Nita's reload time was increased to 1.25 seconds (from 1 second). Nerf
  • 11/08/17:
    • Nita's Super charges 25% slower. Nerf
  • 07/12/17:
    • The health and damage statistics of all Brawlers were multiplied by 4. Neutral
    • Nita's Bear With Me Star Power was added. Neutral
    • Nita's main attack damage was increased to 680 (from 640). Buff
    • She was given voice lines. Neutral
  • 18/12/17:
    • Nita's health was increased to 3400 (from 3200). Buff
    • Her Bear With Me Star Power healing was increased to 200 (from 180). Buff
  • 16/01/18:
    • Nita's health was increased to 3800 (from 3400). Buff
    • Her Bear With Me Star Power healing was increased to 300 (from 200). Buff
    • Her Bear's movement speed was increased to 550 (from 500). Buff
  • 21/03/18:
    • All Brawlers' projectile speeds are increased by 9%. Neutral
    • Every Brawler's movement speed was increased by 70 points, increasing Nita's movement speed to 720 (from 650). Neutral
    • Nita's Bear's movement speed was also increased to 610 (from 550). Neutral
  • 23/03/18:
    • Nita's main attack size was increased by 25%. Buff
  • 09/04/18:
    • Nita's main attack damage was increased to 740 (from 680). Buff
  • 05/12/18:
    • Nita and Panda Nita were remodeled. Neutral
  • 20/12/18:
    • The Red Nose Nita skin was added. It was featured as a Brawlidays 2018 skin. Neutral
  • 29/01/19:
    • Nita's Bear With Me Star Power healing was increased to 500 (from 300). Buff
    • Her main attack animation was reworked. Neutral
  • 29/04/19:
    • The Shiba Nita skin was added. Neutral
  • 26/06/19:
    • Nita's Hyper Bear Star Power was added. Neutral
  • 18/09/19:
    • Nita's Hyper Bear Star Power attack speed was increased to 60% (from 50%). Buff
  • 23/10/19:
    • Nita's health was increased to 4000 (from 3800). Buff
    • Her main attack damage was increased to 800 (from 740). Buff
  • 23/01/20:
    • The Koala Nita skin was added to raise money for Australian bush fires. Neutral
  • 17/03/20:
    • Nita's Bear Paws Gadget was added. Neutral
  • 13/05/20:
    • Nita's Bear Paws Gadget charges per match were decreased to 2 (from 3). Nerf
  • 10/09/20:
    • Nita's Super charge rate increased to 6 hits (from 7 hits) with her main attack. Buff
    • Her bear's Super Charge rate was increased to 10 hits (from 12 hits). Buff
    • Her Bear Paws Gadget charges per match were increased to 3 (from 2). Buff
    • After activating her Bear Paws Gadget, her bear will have a one second delay before stunning an enemy. Nerf
  • 22/10/20:
    • Nita's reload time was decreased to 1.1 seconds (from 1.25 seconds). Buff
    • Nita's Bear can now move and attack while casting her Gadget. Buff
  • 11/11/20:
    • Nita's Bear will now return to Nita if there are no enemies present on the battlefield. Neutral
  • 13/11/20:
    • Nita's Faux Fur Gadget was added. Neutral
  • 15/12/20:
    • Nita's Bear With Me Star Power now does not heal Nita or her bear if they hit a pet or a spawnable. Nerf
    • Nita's main attack damage was increased to 880 (from 800). Buff
    • Nita's Bear With Me Star Power healing was increased to 800 (from 500). Buff
  • 27/01/21:
    • Nita and her skins received facial animations. Neutral
  • 07/04/21:
    • Nita's True Silver and True Gold skins were added. Neutral
  • 16/07/21:
    • The Whale Watch Nita skin was added. Neutral
  • 27/10/21:
    • Nita's class was changed to Damage Dealer (from Fighter). Neutral
  • 17/11/21:
    • Nita's attack and Super animation was reworked. Neutral
  • 17/01/22:
    • The Nian Nita skin was added. It was featured as a Power League exclusive skin for Brawl Pass Season 10. Neutral