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Night at the Museum is a community map for the Hot Zone event.


The map consists of many cover for the spawns of players. Once reaching the center, it's mostly barren, consisting of 5 fences from the middle of the zone and 2 teleporters can be seen. The sides include walls and the tree pots. The map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • The center of the map is fairly open mid-ranged tanks like Frank and Ash paired with healers can do well on the center. They can also take the teleporters on the left of the map to apply pressure on the enemy team from behind.
  • Throwers are not a good choice on this map as they have only one wall for cover and they can easily get ambushed through the teleporter right next to it.
    • But they are still viable and good to use if you use the Brawlers right. You can also use the walls with the teleporters on the opposite side of it so you wouldn't suddenly be right next to an enemy.
  • If the middle wall is destroyed, sharpshooters may be useful on the map. Since they wouldn't let someone pass.
    • But some mid-range brawlers (such as Tara with her Support from Beyond Gadget) may counter them.


  • On 28/09/21, Night at the Museum was added to the game.
  • On 07/10/21, Night at the Museum was featured in the V8-Bit Challenge as a Stage IV map.
  • On 16/12/21, the environment of Night at the Museum was changed from the Retropolis theme to the Fighting Game theme.
  • On 01/03/22, Night at the Museum was removed from the game.