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New Perspective is a community map for the Knockout event.


The map is diagonally symmetrical. There are two teleporters on the map edges and two launch pads surrounded by walls. There are curved formations of walls generally scattered everywhere, and rows and columns of bushes in between those walls. The middle is completely open. There is 2 small bodies of water and a tiny amount of bushes and walls next to the water on either side of the teleporters.


  • Sharpshooter Brawlers like Piper (especially with her Ambush Star Power), Brock, Bea, Belle, etc, are incredibly ideal for this map. The map is incredibly open, with little cover, allowing sharpshooters to snipe enemies from afar.
  • Byron's stacking chip damage and his healing makes him a great overall support in Knockout. Byron can heal his allies with stacking heals, and his attacks can deal high damage and can finish off squishy Brawlers. His Super can be used to counter assassins or heal him and his allies by a large amount, greatly boosting their survival. His Malaise Star Power can be used to counter other healing teams, and Injection can be used to pierce a large amount of enemies or support your allies and damage your enemies simultaneously.
  • Nani's extremely long range allows her to chip down Brawlers nearly uncontested. She also has very high burst damage, allowing her to fare well up close in sticky situations. All of Nani's abilities help her immensely in Knockout. Her Super allows Nani to remotely deal high damage to enemies, or even take them out with her Autofocus Star Power. Nani's Tempered Steel Star Power allows her to shield enemy fire immensely, which can let her stall for the end of a round, which will guarantee a positive outcome. Nani's Warp Blast Gadget enables her to assassinate enemy Brawlers up close, and her Return to Sender Gadget lets her return heavy damage, allowing her to survive while potentially eliminating the enemy Brawler.


  • On 27/04/22, New Perspective was added to the game.