"Nani loves her friends and looks over them with a watchful lens. She handles threats with angled shots, and her Super allows Nani to commandeer her pal Peep, who goes out with a bang!"
Nani Portrait

Nani is an Epic Brawler who shoots light orbs in a diamond-shaped formation. She has very low health but can deal heavy damage from a long range. Her Super summons a small, indestructible robot named Peep which Nani can manually steer. Peep will explode upon contact with enemies, dealing high amounts of damage. Her Gadget, Warp Blast, allows her to teleport to Peep's last location during her Super. Her first Star Power, Autofocus, adds bonus damage to her Super the further it travels, up to a total of 2500 additional damage. Her second Star Power, Tempered Steel, grants Nani an 80% damage reduction shield whenever Peep is active.

Attack: Trigger-Nometry

"Nani shoots 3 light orbs that move at different angles and converge towards aimed targets."
When Nani attacks, she fires 3 light orbs, one which travels in a straight line while two side projectiles split up from the center. The projectiles converge again at the end of her range, forming a diamond-shaped path and dealing extreme amounts of damage if all orbs hit a single enemy. The light orbs cannot pass through walls and their projectile size is very tiny. She can control the distance the orbs will travel before colliding with each other by dragging the attack joystick further out. Nani cannot attack more than once every 0.5 seconds. If the light orbs do not hit a target at the end of their range, they continue on their path for an additional 3 tiles.

Super: Manual Override

"Nani takes control of Peep and can steer him remotely into enemies, exploding on contact!"
When Peep is launched, Nani’s movement joystick controls him instead. Nani cannot move or attack until Peep explodes. Peep will explode when touching an enemy brawler or a wall and deal large amounts of damage while destroying any nearby obstacles in a small radius. Peep acts as a projectile and will explode after 10 seconds, which is signaled by Peep’s red antennae. He can move a maximum of 62 tiles before exploding. Peep gradually accelerates in speed and changing direction becomes much harder. If Nani is stunned, defeated, or knocked back while her Super is active, Peep completely disappears and does not explode.

Gadget: Warp Blast

"Nani detonates Peep and teleports to his last location."
Upon activation, Peep is destroyed, and Nani instantly teleports to his previous location, allowing Nani to traverse extremely long distances. Note that Peep does not deal damage when detonated and instead simply explodes.

Star Powers


"Peep deals up to 2500 extra damage based on his travel distance."
The more Peep travels, the more damage Peep will do. Peep does 250 more damage for every second that passes since its activation, up to 2500 additional damage if he has traveled for 10 seconds totaling to a 5300 damage maximum.

Tempered Steel

"Nani takes 80% less damage while her Super is active."
Whenever Peep is active Nani will get a shield that reduces incoming damage by 80%. Nani loses her shield whenever Peep is destroyed.


  • Only auto-aim Nani's attack if the enemy is running directly towards you or if the enemy is standing still, otherwise it will surely miss. Always try to manually aim your main attack when using Nani.
  • Pay attention to enemies with canceling capabilities like knockback, pull, and stun. If Nani is moved from her original casting spot, Peep will disappear.
  • Nani's Super cannot be directly destroyed; however, it can be destroyed by walls, immunity bubbles, pets, etc. When using Nani's Super, wait for the target to either lose their shield or use their pet when going against a Brawler with any of these.
  • Before using Nani's Super, hide away from any enemies, preferably in bushes, then use her Super. Never use Nani's Super when she's in the middle of a battle, as it leaves Nani vulnerable to enemy attacks. This can be overcome with Nani's Star Power Tempered Steel to shield yourself.
  • Nani's Gadget can be used to reach the enemy safe in Heist more quickly.
  • To hit enemies accurately with Nani, try to lead your shots slightly ahead of them, meaning if they're walking away from you, you'd shoot slightly above them.
  • Note that Nani's attack indicator is misleading. The final destination of the 3 orbs is much smaller than the circle is. In fact, players should follow the inner circle.
  • Because of Nani's unique attack pattern, her shots can be fired at enemies camping behind walls, although normally only 1 of the 3 orbs will hit an enemy. If possible, you can use the unique diamond path of the two outer orbs to hit an enemy behind a wall.

Voice Lines

Start Of Battles When In The Lead Once Hurt Getting A Kill When Dying When Attacking When Using A Super
Nani start vo 01
"Let's go have a look-see!"
Nani lead vo 01
"I'm so happy!"
Nani hurt vo 01
"Security alert."
Nani kill vo 01
"You okay?"
Nani die vo 01
"My mistake."
Nani start vo 02
Nani lead vo 02
Nani laughs
Nani hurt vo 03
Nani whimpers
Nani kill vo 02
"Oop, my bad."
Nani die vo 02
"Danger danger."
Nani start vo 03
"Enhance, enhance."
Nani lead vo 03
"I don't deserve this."
Nani hurt vo 04
Nani whimpers
Nani kill vo 03
"That was not my intention."
Nani die vo 03
"I'm okay!"
Nani start vo 04
"Be careful!"
Nani lead vo 04
"This is too much!"
Nani hurt vo 05
"Please stop."
Nani kill vo 04
"I'm so sorry!"
Nani die vo 04
"Not to worry!"
Nani hurt vo 06
Nani whimpers
Nani hurt vo 07
Nani whimpers


  • 29/5/20:
  • 5/6/20:
    • Nani became available to play in matches. Neutral Image
  • 16/6/20:
    • Nani's reload speed was decreased to 1.8 seconds (from 2 seconds). Buff Image
    • Fixed a bug which allowed Nani to teleport with the ball in Brawl Ball. Neutral Image
  • 17/6/20:
    • Nani's Star Power Tempered Steel was added. Neutral Image
  • 2/7/20:
    • Nani's health was increased to 2600 (from 2400). Buff Image
    • Her main attack's projectiles now travel extra distance if they miss their target for improved damage dealing consistency. Buff Image
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