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"Originally a security camera, Nani was modified to keep an eye on Jessie. Unfortunately, she can hardly keep up with the precocious girl!"
Nani Portrait

Nani is an Epic Brawler who has low health but can deal heavy damage from a long range. She attacks by firing three light orbs in a diamond formation. Her Super summons a flying drone named Peep which Nani can manually steer into enemies and explodes upon contact, knocking back and dealing high damage to enemies and destroying obstacles in a short radius. Her first Gadget, Warp Blast, teleports to Peep's current location during her Super. Her second Gadget, Return to Sender, partially protects Nani from a single projectile that is converted into a counterattack. Her first Star Power, Autofocus, adds extra damage to her Super the further it travels. Her second Star Power, Tempered Steel, grants Nani a damage-reducing shield whenever Peep is active.

Attack: Trigger-Nometry

"Nani shoots 3 light orbs that move at different angles and converge towards aimed targets."

When Nani attacks, she fires 3 small light orbs, one which travels in a straight line and two side projectiles that split up from the center. The projectiles converge again at the end of her range, forming a diamond-shaped path and dealing extreme amounts of damage if all orbs hit a single enemy. She can control the distance the orbs will travel before colliding with each other by dragging the attack joystick further out. If any orb doesn't hit a target at the end of their range, they continue on their path for an additional 3 tiles, effectively increasing Nani's attack range. Nani's attack has a cooldown of 0.5 seconds.

Super: Manual Override

"Nani takes control of Peep and can steer him remotely into enemies, exploding on contact!"

When Peep is launched, Nani's movement joystick controls him instead. Nani is immobile while Peep is active. Peep explodes when touching an enemy or a wall and deals massive amounts of damage while destroying any nearby obstacles and knocking back enemies in a small radius. Note that Peep acts as a projectile, not a spawnable, which means Peep is not a target of damaging abilities and can travel through lakes and rope fences. In addition, Peep explodes after 10 seconds if he doesn't reach an enemy or wall. Peep gradually accelerates in speed and becomes harder to maneuver. If Nani is stunned, knocked back, pulled, or defeated while her Super is active, Peep completely disappears and doesn't explode.


Warp Blast

"Nani detonates Peep and teleports to his last location."

This Gadget teleports Nani to Peep's current location, destroying Peep in the process. Peep doesn't deal damage when detonated and instead simply disappears. Nani retains any status effect applied before teleporting.

Return to Sender

"For the next 2 seconds, the first time Nani takes damage from an enemy, 80% of the damage is returned to the enemy."

When activated, Nani will gain a special shield around her that lasts for 2 seconds. The next time she takes damage, she only receives 20% of that damage while 80% of the damage is deflected back to the enemy in a noticeable projectile. This projectile cannot hit airborne enemies, but it will hit them after they land to the ground. This effect only applies to one projectile (i.e. Return to Sender only converts one projectile's damage from Shelly's Super or Colt's attack) and it does not apply to damage not dealt by entities (like the poison clouds in Showdown). This Gadget calculates the damage absorbed and returned after taking into account Belle's Super and/or Nani's Tempered Steel Star Power.

Star Powers


"Peep deals up to 2000 extra damage based on his travel distance."

The further Peep travels, the more damage Peep will deal when it explodes. Peep does 200 more damage for every second that passes since his activation, for up to an additional 2000 damage if he has traveled for the full 10 seconds.

Tempered Steel

"Nani takes 80% less damage while her Super is active."

Whenever Peep is active, Nani will get a shield that reduces all incoming damage by 80%. Nani loses her shield when Peep is destroyed. This Star Power does not affect Super charge from enemies.


Game Modes and Maps

Recommended Build

  • Nani's Gadget Warp Blast Gadget can be used to reach the enemy safe in Heist, enemy's territory in Trophy Thieves, and the Ball in Brawl Ball more quickly.
  • Do not use the Return To Sender Gadget when you are using the Tempered Steel Star Power especially when it is activated, as the Star Power would decrease the amount of the damage Nani receives, the effectiveness of the Gadget will be reduced significantly.
  • Try not to activate her Return To Sender Gadget when you are near to a Brawler which shoots multiple low damage projectiles, such as Colt, Pam, etc. You will only return a little bit of damage to the enemy Brawler if you use this Gadget against an enemy like this. Only use it when you're going to take one-time high damage, such as Dynamike's Super, another Nani's Super, a Piper bullet or a supercharged Bea shot. This requires some practice and fast reflexes but if utilized well, it can be game-changing. If you can't properly apply Nani's Return to Sender Gadget in adequate time, you can use it as a temporary 80% shield for one projectile.
  • Tempered Steel is extremely strong in Super City Rampage and Siege as she can take a lot of hits from the Mega Monster or robot, and she can take even more when a Brawler like Pam or Poco is healing her.
  • Tempered Steel essentially quintuples her health, allowing her to escape or hide when coupled with Warp Blast, such as in Big Game. Overall, Nani's Super puts her in a very vulnerable position, but the shield provides enough value to deter enemies. Not bursting Nani down completely during its duration allows her to potentially two-shot enemies near her without fear of repercussions.


  • Nani, having very high damage per attack if all orbs hit, and a similarly high damaging Super that can also knock back enemies who get too close, is a very effective tank counter. To make use of this ability, the best way to kill tanks, especially heavyweights, is to maintain a medium range of around 4-5 tiles from the enemy, which allows Nani to hit her shots easier without giving the enemy time to dodge them, while also staying just out of the range of their high damaging attacks. If they get close enough to you, use your Super to knock them back and deal extra damage. Don't be afraid to get close to them, however, if they are low on health, as you can find it hard to kill a skilled dodger at a range.
  • Because of Nani's unique attack pattern, her shots can be fired at enemies camping behind walls, although normally only 1 of the 3 orbs will hit an enemy. If possible, you can use the unique diamond path of the two outer orbs to hit an enemy behind a wall.
  • To hit enemies accurately with Nani, try to lead your shots slightly ahead of them, meaning if they're walking away from you, you'd shoot slightly above them.


  • Only auto-aim Nani's attack if the enemy is running directly in front you or if the enemy is standing still; otherwise it will most likely miss. Always try to manually aim your main attack when using Nani.
  • Pay attention to enemies with canceling capabilities like knockback, pull, and stun. If Nani is moved from Peep's original casting spot, Peep will disappear. Also note that Peep can't be directly destroyed; however, it can be interrupted by walls, immunity bubbles, pets, etc. When using Nani's Super, wait for the target to either lose their shield or use their pet when going against an enemy with any of these.
  • Before using Nani's Super, hide away from any enemies, preferably in bushes, then use her Super. Never use Nani's Super when she's in the middle of a battle, as it leaves Nani vulnerable to enemy attacks. Although this weakness can be alleviated with Nani's Star Power Tempered Steel to shield her, Nani is still vulnerable to being knocked back or stunned which will cause her Super to disappear without exploding.
  • Unless within close range of an enemy Brawler, never auto-aim your Super because of the fact that it goes towards the nearest enemy. The direction it will go in may cause you to struggle to control Peep. Try to manually aim your Super so that it starts off in the direction that you want it to go, then control Peep with your movement joystick.
  • You can use Nani's Super as an additional attack when you are in close-quarters with a short-ranged Brawler. This can be very useful as hitting enemies with Peep deals damage and knocks back, allowing you to escape or defeat them from a distance.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super


  • 29/05/20:
  • 05/06/20:
    • Neutral Nani became available to play in matches.
  • 16/06/20:
    • Buff Nani's reload time was decreased to 1.8 seconds (from 2).
    • Neutral Fixed a bug which allowed Nani to teleport with the ball in Brawl Ball.
  • 17/06/20:
    • Neutral Nani's Tempered Steel Star Power was added.
  • 02/07/20:
    • Buff Nani's health was increased to 2600 (from 2400).
    • Buff Her main attack projectiles now travel extra distance if she miss her target for improved damage dealing consistency.
    • Neutral Her main attack effect now better matches the area where the damage is dealt.
  • 14/08/20:
    • Neutral The Retro Nani skin was added.
  • 27/11/20:
    • Neutral The Sally Nani skin was added. It was featured as a Line Friends skin.
  • 19/02/21:
    • Neutral Nani's Return to Sender Gadget was added.
  • 07/04/21:
    • Neutral Nani and her skins received facial animations.
  • 16/06/21:
    • Buff The number of hits necessary to charge Nani's Super was decreased to 6 hits (from 8).
    • Nerf Nani's Super damage was decreased to 1800 (from 2000).
    • Nerf Her Autofocus Star Power damage bonus was decreased to 1600 (from 2500).
  • 25/08/21:
    • Nerf Nani's Return to Sender Gadget now only lasts for 5 seconds.
    • Neutral Her True Silver and True Gold skins were added.
  • 27/10/21:
    • Neutral Nani's class was changed to Damage Dealer (from Fighter).
  • 29/06/22:
    • Neutral Nani and her skins' main attack visual effects were slightly reworked.
  • 28/02/23:
    • Neutral Nani's class was changed to Marksman (from Damage Dealer).
  • 07/04/23:
    • Neutral The Bell Nani skin was added. It was featured as a Bunny Brigade skin.
  • 11/06/23:
    • Neutral The Ares Nani skin was added. It was featured as a Legends of Olympus skin.
  • 05/09/23:
    • Buff Nani's main attack damage was increased to 800 (from 700) per orb.
    • Buff The number of hits necessary to charge Nani's Super was decreased to 5 hits (from 6).
    • Nerf Nani's Return to Sender Gadget duration was decreased to 2 seconds (from 5).
    • Neutral All Brawlers' health and damage were increased from 5% to 10% with each Power Level.
  • 24/10/23:
    • Neutral Nani's Autofocus Star Power damage bonus was increased to 1800 (from 1600) and now scales with Power Levels.
    • Neutral Nani's flavor text was changed from "Nani loves her friends and looks over them with a watchful lens. She handles threats with angled shots, and her Super allows Nani to commandeer her pal Peep, who goes out with a bang!" to "Originally a security camera, Nani was modified to keep an eye on Jessie. Unfortunately, she can hardly keep up with the precocious girl!"
  • 12/12/23:
    • Nerf Nani's health was decreased to 2400 (from 2600).
    • Nerf The number of hits necessary to charge Nani's Super was increased to 6 hits (from 5).
  • 23/04/24:
    • Nerf Nani's main attack damage was decreased to 740 (from 800) per orb.


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