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Mystic Touch is a community map for the Showdown event.


Large wall clusters with pointed edges circle around the center. Near to the clusters are smaller bush patches that connect them to each other. In the periphery are Power Cube boxes with the boxes found in larger pairs closer to the center. This map is diagonally symmetrical.


  • Medium-ranged Brawlers, especially fighters, have the opportunity to use the walls to catch enemies running off to the openings.
  • Throwers have denser walls inwards but the outer walls are more maneuverable.
  • Piper will struggle to do maximum damage if she does not destroy the central walls. Brock and Bea can deal more consistent damage.
  • Surge with his Power Surge Gadget can teleport across the major wall clusters to take out opposing Brawlers.
  • Colt can use his Silver Bullet Gadget to take out throwers and Power Cube Boxes, though it is not advisable to go to the center because throwers and assassins will likely be nearby. Play Colt at the outskirts of the center near the poison while trying to break all walls to easily damage enemies.


  • On 16/06/21, Mystic Touch was added to the game. Mystic Touch was affected by the Energy Drink Modifier.
  • On 28/09/21, the Modifier affecting Mystic Touch was now removed.
  • On 01/03/22, Mystic Touch was removed from the game.