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"Mortis dashes forward with each swing of his shovel. As his Super attack, he sends a cloud of bats to damage enemies and heal himself!"
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Mortis is a Mythic Brawler who has moderately-high health and great mobility with his attack and a very fast movement speed at the expense of a low damage output and a very slow reload speed. He attacks by swinging his shovel and dashing a few tiles forward, dealing damage to enemies in his path. When Mortis has all three ammo, a bar will charge over a few seconds, and a charged bar increases his next attack’s range. His Super summons a swarm of bats that damage enemies and heal Mortis. His first Gadget, Combo Spinner, instantly spins his shovel around him, dealing damage to nearby enemies. His second Gadget, Survival Shovel, doubles his reload speed momentarily. His first Star Power, Creepy Harvest, heals him whenever he defeats an enemy Brawler. His second Star Power, Coiled Snake, reduces the time needed to charge his attack bar.

Attack: Shovel Swing

"Mortis dashes forward with a sharp swing of his shovel, creating business opportunities for himself. When he has all three dashes ready, he'll gain a longer dash after a short delay."

Mortis dashes forward a short distance, dealing minor damage to any enemy Brawlers in his path. Mortis can’t perform his attack without dashing unless he dashes toward a nearby wall, where his dash is cut short. This is technically a melee attack because Mortis has to dash directly onto the enemy to damage them and the dash has a short range. Additionally, when Mortis has all of his ammo bars full, a bar starts to charge. It fully charges in 4.5 seconds, and it makes Mortis's next dash range 2 tiles longer. This attack has no cooldown and has the slowest reload speed in the game.

Super: Life Blood

"Mortis calls forth a swarm of vampire bats that drain the health of his enemies while restoring his. Creepy!"

Mortis shoots a swarm of bats in a single direction that can go through walls and have a long range. If the bats hit an enemy Brawler, they deal damage and heal Mortis for 125% of the full amount possible for his Super’s level even if the enemy hit has less health than its maximum damage. If the bats miss, Mortis doesn’t heal. If the bats hit multiple enemies, the healing Mortis receives is multiplied by the number of enemies hit, making it possible for Mortis to heal to full health if the bats hit several enemies.


Combo Spinner

"Mortis spins his shovel, hitting all enemies around himself for 1300 damage."

Mortis instantly spins his shovel around him, damaging all enemies in a 3.33 tile radius for 1300 damage. He can still move but can’t use his attack in this Gadget's duration.

Survival Shovel

"Mortis reloads faster for 4.0 seconds."

Upon activation, Mortis appears red and doubles his reload speed for 4 seconds. This doesn’t affect his long dash bar's charge duration.

Star Powers

Creepy Harvest

"Mortis reaps the life essence of a Brawler he defeats, restoring 1000 of his health."

Mortis heals himself for 1000 health after defeating an enemy Brawler.

Coiled Snake

"Mortis gains his longer dash 2 seconds faster."

Mortis's attack bar now charges in 2.5 seconds instead of the usual 4.5 seconds.


  • The dash that comes with Mortis's main attack makes him highly mobile. He can quickly dash away and out of danger, making it difficult to land hits on him. He can also retreat quickly due to his above-average movement speed and his Survival Shovel Gadget. In addition, his attack bar makes dashing more effective and much easier due to the increased range.
  • When retreating/escaping, refrain from auto-aiming since you’ll dash into the enemy you’re trying to escape from. In addition, dashing to the side is favorable as opposed to dashing forward since you can dodge attacks better. Still, try to conserve your ammo, and if equipped with Mortis's Survival Shovel Gadget, use it sparingly in case you need to retreat.
  • Mortis's Super can act as a powerful fourth attack in tight situations. Use it when he’s low on health and needs to heal quickly, or when the enemy is on low health and you can't reload an attack in time. Try not to use his Super as a first attack unless you are very low on health, and try to hit as many enemies as possible with Mortis's Super so that he recovers more health and charges his Super again much faster. It also has considerable range and travels quite quickly, which can be used to snipe low-health Brawlers even through walls.
  • Mortis's reload speed is the slowest in the entire game, which means that after you defeat an enemy, you should immediately retreat and reload. If possible, try charging his attack bar up to retreat more effectively. Using his Coiled Snake Star Power is useful as it reduces the charging time for his attack bar. His Survival Shovel Gadget is also a useful asset as it boosts his reload speed and allows him to dash more quickly.
  • Mortis's Creepy Harvest heals him for a considerable amount when defeating an enemy Brawler. It’s sometimes necessary to be kept alive while taking fire from enemy Brawlers, especially in 3v3 modes.
  • In Brawl Ball, you can self-pass by kicking the ball and dashing twice to pick it up again. If fast enough, you’ll only need one dash to pick up the ball again to conserve ammo. You can also use your Super to shoot the ball (even on the side of the map) and dash forward onto the ball (with his Survival Shovel Gadget or a fully charged attack bar) to move the ball down the field extremely quickly. To do this, you can allow your teammates to distract the opposition, then quickly self-pass and score a goal. This distraction isn't necessary for more skilled players who can dash through all the action to the other side. When defending, try to aim backwards instead of auto-aiming when an enemy is near your goal. This gives you the chance to dash back and catch the Ball, therefore preventing a goal.
  • Mortis's long dash from his attack bar allows him to close a significant gap between enemies and gives him a chance to get closer to enemies. Using this mechanic effectively requires preparation and being unpredictable, such as bush-camping and attacking when someone comes near. It also allows him to get close to certain close-ranged Brawlers and slash through them and out of their range. This can be used repeatedly to deal damage and charge Mortis’ Super all the while taking minimal damage.
  • In Showdown, you can’t check bushes, so if you are moving into an unknown bush, be ready to dash away very quickly. Pre-aiming his attack away from the bush also helps, as once you see the enemy, you can instantly dash away from them. His Survival Shovel Gadget is also helpful to escape better from enemies camping in the bush. Take caution that Mortis is prone to defeat by other close-ranged Brawlers, so caution is highly recommended when going into a bush which likely has an enemy in it.
  • In Showdown, Mortis can do well by simply bush-camping and staying out of fights, dashing away when necessary. If you see a fight between other Brawlers, you can play as a Third-Party by waiting out-of-sight nearby until the fight is over, then dash in and defeat the surviving and low-health Brawler, then steal all the Power Cubes and escape. Mortis's Survival Shovel Gadget greatly helps for this strategy.
  • In Gem Grab, Mortis is an excellent Gem carrier due to his above-average health, his ability to dash up to the Gem mine and retrieve Gems quicker, dashing away if on low health. He’s also an excellent assassin in the mode as he can quickly assassinate one target, especially if they have all the Gems, or wipe out the whole team using his Super. However, he requires support from his teammates to survive, because he needs to get dangerously close to enemies and the Gem mine and it leaves your teammates at a 2v3 situation.
  • Mortis's very slow reload speed and low damage output makes him a poor choice for Events such as Heist and any Special Event due to the low damage he deals to the modes’ targets (i.e. the safe, the bosses, etc.).
  • At the start of a Showdown match, try to go for defeats rather than Boxes as it takes a long time for Mortis to open boxes and it’s also likely for the Power Cube to be stolen by an enemy, who can also defeat the nearby Mortis who will have no remaining ammo after trying to open the box. Pick off long-ranged Brawlers with low health like Dynamike or Rico while juking shots. Bush-camping and surprising enemies also works well. However, don’t get hit by dangerous Supers or Gadgets (i.e. Rico’s, Colt‘s, Piper‘s, etc.). You should also be wary of Brawlers who have a stun or slow in their kit such as Dynamike's Satchel Charge Gadget, because both effects can be detrimental to you. If going for Power Cube Boxes is necessary, try to use two dashes first, preferably close to a wall to attack faster, then let your ammo fully reload before destroying it. If a dangerous enemy comes by, you can use your ammo to escape rather than have it be wasted on a Box you couldn't destroy. There are some maps like Dark Passage and Scorched Stone where if you manage to get the entire middle area of Power Cubes, you will most likely have an advantage over enemies that would previously counter you.
  • Mortis's Combo Spinner Gadget is fit for a quick finish to Brawlers when you have no ammo or when you need to deal damage to a group of enemies. On the other hand, his Survival Shovel Gadget is more efficient in the long-term when taking out high-health Brawlers or when retreating.
  • Mortis is a satisfactory counter to Bibi as Mortis can keep dashing through Bibi during the delay before her attack, dealing damage to her while avoiding her attacks. However, this requires a lot of skill and timing, and should be done with his Survival Shovel Gadget for better results. You can firstly dash behind her to surprise her, then use your Survival Shovel Gadget, and while Bibi is attacking behind her, dash in front of her and then repeat this process. Be aware that the Bibi may know what you are doing (and thus swing opposite the direction you are currently in). This also works against Frank but is more difficult due to Frank's higher health.
  • Mortis is excellent at performing team-wipes, especially with either Gadget and his Creepy Harvest Star Power. If the enemies are grouped up, you can ambush them, activate his Gadget, and chain Supers. The healing from his Super and Creepy Harvest ensures that he stays alive. Hitting multiple enemies with his Super also helps him survive longer and heal even more. However, it’s best to avoid attacking heavyweights or other assassins as they’ll defeat him if he gets too close to them due to their superior damage and much faster reload speed than Mortis.
  • Mortis makes an excellent counterpick in Bounty and Knockout because low-health Brawlers are mainly picked in Bounty such as Brock, Piper, Sprout, and Tick and Mortis can dodge their attacks with his dashes, dash up to them, and swiftly defeat them with all of his three ammo paired up with his Combo Spinner if needed. Mortis can also use his Survival Shovel Gadget to quickly steal the blue star. However, Mortis must be wary as these Brawlers have abilities that can counter him such as Tick’s or Piper’s Supers.
  • Trickshotting is a hard but effective skill to learn in brawl ball with Mortis. Trickshots include many variations, from simple self passing and juking opponents to scoring goals that can "trick" opponents. A good trick for beginners is to get near the goal, and if there are opponents there guarding, you can bounce the ball off a wall parallel to the goal, swipe to get it back, and now you're on the opposite side of the goal (ie. left to right). Then you can bounce it the opposite direction you kicked it before, but try to keep the same angle, causing the ball to kick itself in the goal. Doing this will likely confuse the opponents, because of the fact that they will think you're going to straight kick it in as you're on the opposite side of goal, while you, in reality, kick it the other way, where nobody's stopping you unless they know what you're up to.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue:
Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue:
Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue:
Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue:
Normal: Rogue: Normal: Rogue: Normal:


  • 22/06/17:
    • Mortis's dash range was decreased by 25%. Nerf
  • 11/08/17:
    • Mortis's health was decreased to 700 (from 800). Nerf
  • 04/09/17:
    • Mortis's rarity was changed to Mythic (from Epic). Neutral
  • 12/09/17:
    • Mortis's movement speed was decreased to 650 (from 750). Nerf
    • His Super's range was decreased to 10 tiles (from 13.33). Nerf
  • 07/12/17:
    • The health and damage statistics of all Brawlers were multiplied by 4. Neutral
    • Mortis's Creepy Harvest Star Power was added. Neutral
  • 18/12/17:
    • Mortis's Creepy Harvest healing was decreased to 1000 (from 1200) per soul collected. Nerf
  • 16/01/18:
    • Mortis's health was increased to 3200 (from 2800). Buff
    • His damage was increased to 800 (from 640). Buff
    • His movement speed was increased to 700 (from 650). Buff
    • His dash range was decreased to 2.33 tiles (from 3 tiles). Nerf
  • 21/03/18:
    • Mortis's dash range was increased to 2.67 tiles (from 2.33 tiles). Buff
    • Every Brawler's movement speed was increased by 70 points, increasing Mortis' movement speed to 770 (from 700). Neutral
    • All Brawlers' projectile speeds were increased by 9%. Neutral
  • 23/03/18:
    • Mortis's health was increased to 3500 (from 3200). Buff
  • 09/04/18:
    • Mortis's health was increased to 3800 (from 3500). Buff
  • 18/06/18:
    • Mortis's movement speed was increased to 820 (from 770). Buff
  • 27/09/18:
    • Mortis was remodeled, and the Rockabilly Mortis skin was added. Neutral
  • 05/12/18:
    • The Top Hat Mortis skin was added. Neutral
  • 29/01/19:
    • Mortis's main attack and Super damage was increased to 900 (from 800). Buff
    • Mortis's Creepy Harvest Star Power was reworked from making enemies that Mortis defeats drop souls that he can collect to heal 1000 health to making Mortis heal 1800 health every time he defeats an enemy Brawler. Neutral
    • He now has voice lines. Neutral
  • 27/02/19:
    • Mortis's Creepy Harvest Star Power healing was decreased to 1400 (from 1800). Nerf
  • 01/03/19:
    • The Night Witch Mortis skin was added. Neutral
  • 11/06/19:
    • Mortis's reload time was decreased to 2.4 seconds (from 2.5 seconds). Buff
  • 31/07/19:
    • Mortis's Coiled Snake Star Power was added. Neutral
  • 29/08/19:
    • Mortis's Coiled Snake Star Power range was decreased to 75% (from 100%). Nerf
    • His main attack animation was reworked. Neutral
  • 18/09/19:
    • Mortis's Coiled Snake Star Power charge time was increased to 3.5 seconds (from 3 seconds). Nerf
  • 09/10/19:
    • Mortis's Creepy Harvest Star Power healing was increased to 1800 (from 1400). Buff
  • 17/03/20:
    • Mortis's Combo Spinner Gadget was added. Neutral
  • 13/05/20:
    • Mortis can now move while using Combo Spinner Gadget. Buff
    • Mortis's cape and walking animation were reworked. Neutral
  • 19/05/20:
    • The Rogue Mortis skin was added. Neutral
  • 22/07/20:
    • Mortis's Survival Shovel Gadget was added. Neutral
  • 10/09/20:
    • Mortis's Super charge rate was decreased slightly from his main attack. Nerf
    • His Super recharge rate was increased which allows Mortis to charge his Super with 2 Supers + 2 main attacks. Buff
  • 22/10/20:
    • Mortis's True Silver and True Gold skins for both default and Top Hat Mortis were added. Neutral
  • 15/12/20:
    • Mortis's Super now does not heal Mortis if it hits a pet or spawnable. Nerf
    • Mortis's Super healing was increased to 125% (from 100%). Buff
  • 27/01/21:
    • Mortis's facial animations were slightly reworked. Neutral
  • 24/03/21:
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Mortis's main attack from destroying bones/vases. Neutral
  • 25/06/21:
    • The Beach Time Mortis skin was added. Neutral
  • 25/08/21:
    • Mortis now has a bar that charges in 4.5 seconds when his ammo bars are fully charged and makes his next attack 75% longer. Buff
    • Mortis's Coiled Snake Star Power was reworked from giving Mortis a Dash Bar that charges in 3.5 seconds when his ammo bars are fully charged and making his next attack's range 75% longer to making his bar charge 1.5 seconds faster. Neutral
  • 27/10/21:
    • Mortis's Creepy Harvest Star Power healing was decreased to 1400 (from 1800). Nerf
    • Mortis's class was changed to Assassin (from Dashing Assassin). Neutral
  • 25/01/22:
    • Mortis's Creepy Harvest Star Power healing was decreased to 1000 (from 1400). Nerf
    • Mortis's Coiled Snake Star Power reduction was increased to 2 seconds (from 1.5). Buff