Showdown matches may have one of these Modifiers active. These introduce iconic elements to the match, and they flow with the map rotation. Each map is designated a permanent modifier accompanied with it or no modifier at all.

Showdown Modifiers

Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower.png

Meteors rain down on players. They fall everywhere on the map, and they deal 2000 damage and knock back any Brawlers they hit, while also destroying obstacles. Meteors also interrupt any attack, Super, or Gadget a Brawler is currently using. This meteor is similar to that of the meteor in El Primo’s Asteroid Belt Gadget. As the match goes on, meteors will begin to fall with increasing frequency. Towards the end of the match, many obstacles and bushes will have been destroyed, presenting an open environment suited for most long-ranged Brawlers. Meteors prioritize Brawlers that are closer together, which is an attempt to discourage teaming. When a meteor is going to land, a large red circular area-of-effect will appear and the meteor will land on that area 3 seconds after appearing. Meteors can land in quick succession, but only one meteor can spawn at a time.

Energy Drink

Energy Drink.png

An Energy Drink occasionally spawns somewhere on the map. A small circle marker will appear shortly before it spawns to indicate the spawning location accompanied by a short jingle that could be heard anywhere on the map. Brawlers that pick them up deal twice the damage and have their movement speed increased by 200 points. Brawlers that pick them up will also glow purple and grow slightly larger, indicating the effect is active. The speed boost from the Drink does stack with speed-boost abilities such as Max's Super or Bibi's Home Run Star Power. However, Brawler health is unaffected. The effect lasts 10 seconds. As the match goes on, Energy Drinks will begin to spawn with increasing frequency. However, they are less likely to spawn near groups of players, but instead spawn near players who are by themselves, as an attempt to discourage teaming. The Energy Drink's effects do not stack; picking up two Energy Drinks will completely negate the second Energy drink's effect but the duration will be increased.

Angry Robo

Robo Boss.png

Siege-styled Big Robot, with its health depending on the average Brawler Power Level during a match, occasionally spawns and attacks Brawlers, walking toward the nearest one even if they are hiding in a bush and dealing 600 damage per punch in a 2.33 tile range every 0.4 seconds. Big Robots also have a speed of 600, which is slower than every Brawler in the game except 8-BIT. A marker will appear to indicate where the Big Robot will spawn. As the match goes on, Big Robots will begin to spawn with increasing frequency. The Big Robot will also play a sound effect when spawning, warning players of its appearance. If it is defeated, it will drop three Power Cubes. Brawlers will not be able to charge Supers by attacking the Robot. Big Robots spawn near Brawlers that are closer together, as an attempt to stop teaming. There can only be one robot on the battlefield at a time.

Healing Mushrooms

Healing Mushrooms.png

A large ring of green mushrooms spawns, creating an area that heals any players for 1000 health per second. This is enough to perfectly counter Showdown's poison assuming that Brawlers do not stay in the poison for longer than 5 ticks. It lasts for a couple of seconds before disappearing again. A small timer effect along the edge of the ring will indicate when the healing ends. As the match goes on, Healing Mushrooms will begin to spawn with increasing frequency near Brawlers. However, they do not spawn on groups of players, but instead spawn on players who are by themselves, as an attempt to stop teaming. When the poison encompasses the whole map, the mushrooms will start appearing less to have a cap on Showdown games. There can be multiple fields of Healing Mushrooms, and they can overlap each other, healing twice or even thrice the amount of healing.

Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift.png

Similar to the removed modifier Life Leech, Graveyard Shift is a temporary modifier during the Brawl-o-ween event. Brawlers lose a small amount of health every second (approximately 1.67%/sec, or 100%/min). This does not reveal Brawlers in bushes. To heal, hit or defeat enemies; alternatively, players can use a healing attack, Super, Gadgets or Star Powers to heal up. Eliminating enemies restores all of a Brawler's health, whereas damaging enemies restores a Brawler's health by 80% of the damage dealt. In Duo Showdown, the healing effects from damaging/defeating enemies are shared between yourself and your teammate (50% each). All healing abilities are reduced by 75%.

Fast Players

Fast Players.jpeg

This modifier passively increases any Brawler’s movement speed to 1120 points. The speed boost stacks with speed-boost abilities. However, this doesn’t affect any other aspects of the match such as health or damage.

Takedown Modifiers

This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game. This information is kept here for historical purposes.

In the mode Takedown, modifiers were added during the Brawl-o-ween update. Before a modifier is used by the robot, it will stop moving and start flashing lights. It is possible to cancel these long-ranged attacks by stunning or knock-backing the bot.


Boss Lasers.png

Taken from Boss Fight, these lasers will be put out in an orderly fashion, moving from the bottom of the screen to the top. These lasers are more frequent than Chain Lightning and Rockets, making them difficult to dodge. They don’t destroy obstacles, and will be absorbed by the first Brawler it hits. Each laser deals 1400 damage.

Chain Lightning

Boss Chain Lightning.png

The boss will stop and shoot out a row of orbs similar to those of Jessie. These orbs deal 1400 damage each and bounce from Brawler to Brawler. The robot will shoot in the direction of the nearest Brawler.


Boss Rockets.png

Similar to Big Robots from Robo Rumble, the robot will shoot out rockets that destroy environment and deal damage. The rockets are put out in a staggered pattern, and the robot will shoot in the direction of the nearest Brawler. The rockets have a narrow field of damage, and the robot will only shoot them out in a radius close to the equivalent of its hitbox width. Rockets deal 700 damage and burn the ground temporarily.

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