Minecart Madness is an official map for the Gem Grab event. It was added as of the April 2019 update and is the first and map to feature minecarts.


The map consists of multiple layers of interchanging cover and minecart tracks. There are five minecart track layers and four layers of cover. The minecart tracks connect at the sides. Depending on which side you are, a minecart will spawn at the left side and go up, or the right side and go down. The gem mine is located in the middle of the map and lays on one of the tracks. The outer layers of the cover, consist of interchanging layers of walls and bushes, while the inner layers of cover have an open gap, where a three-tile thick wall would be. There are crates and barrels located at the corners of the wall. Apart from the carts, the map is perfectly symmetrical.

One of the minecart spawn points heads towards the true red team from the true left, while the other towards the true blue team from the true right.


  • Avoid the minecarts! They deal 2000 damage per hit and if you get trapped in it's way, it can repeatedly clash onto to any unlucky Brawler that is hit, allowing only El Primo and Frank to survive normally. There are two spawning points for them, which are the two ends on the horizontal line of the Gem Spawn Point. They spawn in lines of four carts, and a yellow warning light will flash on the side that the minecart comes in. Make sure to not stay on the track too long, as the minecart will also cause knockback and stun. This will almost guarantee death for any brawler. Dynamike with their Dyna-Jump Star Power and Brock's Gadget Rocket Laces can be used it to get over them, but can be risky as you might take huge damage if you misaim, and you do not have much health to begin with.
  • Additionally, the minecarts block all shots that hit them including all Super attacks, further complicating any battles for both teams. All players in the map have the chance of being hit and having their shots be hit, which can be bothersome when in a hurry to stop the enemy's countdown for example.
  • Always be aware of the minecarts' positions. If you are not careful, you might get sandwiched between enemy brawlers and carts with reinforcing friendly brawlers unable to attack through the carts. You can also use this to your advantage, particularly if you are playing as Tara or Gene and use your Super to pull them to your side leaving the enemy brawler cornered and helpless.
  • The first line of carts comes from the left if you are the blue team or right if you are the red team. Whenever, a team fight is going on and if a minecart is approaching, it is advised to retreat, as it might not end in your favour.
  • As Gene, a great strategy is to pull enemies when a minecart is passing - they'll be pulled into the minecart and receive the 2000 damage. After being hit they'll easily be finished off by Gene's main attack. Keep in mind that the minecarts will cancel Gene's Super hand if they hit when Gene's hand is going to grab someone which ends in a lost Super. Plan your timing well. Tara's Super can work in a similar fashion to Gene's Super as well, and is comparatively easier to use.
    • If timed correctly, any effect that moves enemies can be used to knock enemies into incoming minecarts. This is rather niche and is only recommended as a last resort as most of these abilities require for the target to be in close range beforehand.
  • Throwers should abuse the fact that many players will get stuck in the grass to the side while a minecart is passing by. Thanks to their lack of movement, bursting them down with constant poke damage, should be a breeze.
  • Sprout's hedges will be destroyed by minecarts, do not place Sprout's Super on minecart tracks.
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