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Mega Pig

Mega Pig is a Club-oriented mode unlocked from the Trophy Road at 400 Trophies that replaced Club Games in the October 2023 update. Club League seasons start every month on Friday and end on Monday, where all players in the Club are ranked based on their total amount of wins earned throughout the 3 event days. Each win fills up the Mega Pig bank, which has five stages, and they contain rewards such as Coins, Power Points, and Bling; once the maximum stage was reached, 20 additional Starr Drops are awarded for every Club member, and additional Starr Drops are awarded to the players with the most wins during the season. Since Mega Pig is based on your Mega Pig progression, Trophies cannot be earned or lost, and progress cannot be lost during each season.


Golden Tickets

Players can play on event days, which occur once a month, and start on Friday and end on Monday. 15 Tickets (not to be confused with these Tickets) are given to a player to use for the event. If a player does not use all of their Tickets in the event, they do not carry over to the next event season.


In a match, the player will play a random mode with a random map and a random modifier. Each match costs one Ticket to play. Both teams have a Team Captain, which is either decided by the player with the highest progression, or by the creator of the game room. Games in a match are played on a single randomly selected mode, map and modifier that are picked when players are in queue. Maps and modifiers can be previewed throughout the matchmaking stages. Each player on both teams blind pick a Brawler, and choose Star Powers, Gadgets, and Gears if applicable at the same time with the phase happening prior to starting the match.

Mega Pig[]

After a match, all of Club members wins are tallied up, which will fill up the Mega Pig bank. The Mega Pig has five stages, and each stage takes 40 total wins to progress. The higher the stage of a Mega Pig at the end of a season, the more rewards the members will receive. Once the maximum stage is reached, 20 additional Starr Drops are awarded for every Club member. At the end of every season, the three players with the most wins will receive additional Starr Drops, and the amount of Starr Drops is based on the position the player placed in.

Position Number of bonus Starr Drops
1st +3 This is a Starr Drop
2nd +2 This is a Starr Drop
3rd +1 This is a Starr Drop


  • On 24/10/23, Mega Pig was added to the game and replaced Club Games.
  • On 16/11/23, fixed an issue where some top contributors in the Mega Pig event were receiving double the Starr Drops than intended.
  • On 11/01/24, the number of Tickets was decreased to 15 (from 18), and the number of total wins was decreased to 40 (from 50) for each stage.