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"Meg has a basic form and an advanced form where she hops inside her trusted Mecha. The Mecha loses health over time and has low healing ability. Destroying the Mecha returns Meg to her basic form."
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Meg is a Legendary Brawler who has very low health and damage in her initial form but can attain an advanced form that has high damage potential and high health. Meg has a fast movement speed in her base form and a very long-ranged attack in both forms. Meg attacks by firing two bolts in quick succession that deal low damage to enemies. Her Super transforms her into a Mecha that momentarily increases her health and modifies Meg's attack and Super. The Mecha's attack fires two parallel streams of bolts, while its Super deals high damage in a wide arc and charges over time. Her first Gadget, Jolting Volts, momentarily heals her Mecha while it is active. Her second Gadget, Toolbox, places down a toolbox that grants Meg and allies a reload speed boost inside its area-of-effect. Her first Star Power, Force Field, grants her a long-lasting damage reduction shield after her Mecha is taken out. Her second Star Power, Heavy Metal, deals damage and knocks back nearby enemies when her Mecha gets destroyed.


Basic: Target Acquired

"Meg fires a short burst from her blaster that pokes at her enemies' patience."

Meg fires two long-ranged bolts in quick succession that deal low damage to enemies. This attack takes 0.35 seconds to complete.

Advanced: Crowd Control

"A strong barrage of bullets that leaves nothing to chance. It's the fastest way to make crowds disperse!"

Meg's Mecha fires 8 bolts arranged in two staggered, parallel streams. The attack is wide enough to be fired between 1-tile-wide obstacles, but it does not charge its Super. This attack has a slow unload speed, taking 0.95 seconds to complete.


Basic: Mecha Machina

"Meg jumps into her Mecha for some colossal carnage!"

Meg’s Super creates a Mecha after a 1-second delay. The Mecha has its own health and modifies Meg's attack and Super. However, Meg's movement speed, reload speed and range are reduced while she's controlling it. The Mecha's health decays by 2% of its maximum health per second. Once the Mecha’s health reaches 0, Meg will return with 1 ammo and have the same health as she did at the time of this Super's activation. Meg's Super transformation can be cancelled if she is taken out or knocked back and the Mecha heals 80% less from any outside healing source. Meg is unable to attack or move during the 1-second delay.

Advanced: Feel the Steel

"The Mecha swings a formidable forearm that enemies will see and feel. "

The Mecha's Super is a secondary attack that is a wide, piercing swing that deals high damage after a 0.55 second delay, similarly to Bibi‘s attack. It automatically charges itself after 5 seconds, but it cannot recharge itself from damaging enemies. If her Mecha is taken out while its Super is charged, Meg won't have its Super when she transforms back.


Jolting Volts

"Heal the Mecha by 450 health per second for 5 seconds."

This Gadget heals Meg's Mecha for 450 health over 5 seconds for a total of 2250 health. This Gadget cannot be activated if her Mecha is not active. This Gadget will not prevent her Mecha from decaying health.


"Meg drops her toolbox, which increases the reload speed for nearby allies by 35% until it gets destroyed."

Meg puts down a turret that has 1500 health on deploy and decays 75 health per second. It increases the reload speed of all teammates within 2.67 tiles by 35%. Note that this Gadget does not affect the unload speed of a Brawler.

Star Powers

Force Field

"Meg is protected by a 35% shield for 30 seconds when her Mecha is destroyed."

This Star Power grants Meg a 35% shield for 30 seconds after her Mecha is taken out. The shield duration is cut short if Meg uses her Super again.

Heavy Metal

"Upon expiring, the Mecha suit explodes dealing 1500 damage to nearby opponents and pushing them away."

After Meg's Mecha is destroyed, it explodes in a 2.67-tile radius, dealing 1500 damage to nearby enemies and knocking them back up to 3 tiles.


  • Meg is a reliable damage dealer in her Mecha, so it is best utilized to deal damage to the Siege IKE or the Heist safe or to pressure the enemy in Duels. However, her reload speed as well as movement speed is decreased in her Mecha. Because of this, it’s better not to chase down enemies in Bounty or Knockout.
  • Meg is an agile poker without her Mecha because of her fast movement speed and fast unload speed, but with it, she becomes a devastating fighter and control asset as she can deal high damage in large areas with her attack and secondary Super.
  • There's a slight delay before Meg hops into her Mecha, and her Super can be cancelled if she dies, gets knocked back, or gets stunned. Make sure to activate her Super where you'll be safe from attacking enemies.
  • In Brawl Ball, Meg can be very viable as a defense to oncoming opponents with the ball as her Mecha has a lot of health and can be used to significantly damage opponents. She can take enemy fire and provide some area denial to help the ball carrier score an easy goal.
  • In Showdown, prioritize getting her Super over getting Power Cubes because Meg's low damage output makes it much more efficient stealing them from enemies using her Mecha.
  • When the various upgrades the Mecha gives Meg are needed more than usual, using Meg's Jolting Volts Gadget can keep Meg in her Mecha significantly longer since her Mecha loses health over time and its healing is reduced from external healing sources. This is useful in Heist because Meg will have a very low impact on the health of the Safe in her standard form, but can deal substantial damage onto the safe when inside her Mecha.
  • Be mindful when taking on high-responsibility roles such as the Gem carrier in Gem Grab or the ball carrier in Brawl Ball, because when Meg is in her advanced form, she loses health over time and can be defeated quickly to return to her weak original form. This can put her in an unfavorable spot in situations where Meg was on low health before transforming.
  • Avoid close combat and engaging with aggressive Brawlers after her Mecha is destroyed. Either Star Power can help by shielding some damage or pushing away enemies near Meg, but those won't completely save her from taking damage or being defeated.
  • Meg's advanced Super will cancel its main attack. Keep this in mind if you want to deal substantial long-range damage.

Voice Lines

Spawning In the Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"Oh! Last time I fired my gun, I was at the academy!"


  • 28/09/21:
    • Meg was added to the game. Neutral
  • 30/09/21:
    • Meg’s Super is now lost if she is defeated while activating her Super. Nerf
    • Meg now spawns with no ammo after her Mecha is destroyed. Nerf
    • Meg now takes longer to start healing after her Mecha is destroyed. Nerf
  • 06/10/21:
    • Fixed a bug where Meg's face texture would disappear when in her Mecha. Neutral
  • 13/10/21:
    • Meg’s Self Destruction Star Power was added. Neutral
  • 27/10/21:
    • Meg now spawns with 1 ammo after her Mecha is destroyed. Buff
    • Meg's second Star Power was renamed to Heavy Metal (from Self Destruction). Neutral
    • Fixed an issue where Meg could use a teleporter again after activating her Super. Neutral
  • 25/01/22:
    • The number of hits necessary to charge Meg's Super was increased to 8 (from 6). Nerf
    • Meg's Heavy Metal Star Power damage was increased to 1500 (from 1000). Buff
  • 02/03/22:
    • Fixed a bug where Meg visually spawns as her Mecha after respawning. Neutral
  • 17/03/22:
    • Fixed an issue where destroying Meg's Mecha could crash the game. Neutral
  • 07/04/22:
    • The Beetle Meg skin was added. It was featured as a Biodome skin. Neutral
  • 27/04/22:
    • Meg's Toolbox Gadget was added. Neutral
    • Meg's True Silver and True Gold skins were added. Neutral
  • 06/05/22:
    • The Monster Truck Meg skin was added. It was featured as a Stunt Show skin. Neutral