Mecha Match is a community map for the Siege event.


The map is fairly open with tree pots dotting the center section. Launch pads in the side lanes launch Brawlers near to these tree pots. The side lanes are also heavily bushed. Each Siege IKE has an arc shaped wall formation protecting it.


  • Short to medium-ranged Brawlers should stay close to the side lane bushes if they ever need to fall back to heal.
  • When pressuring enemies, move in front of the tree pots to stop enemies from hiding behind them.
  • The 5x1 fencing can be used by throwers to cover ground on all three lanes.
  • Obstacle destroying Supers should be used to destroy the Siege IKE barrier to save time for both your teammates and the Siege Bots.
  • In the rare circumstances where the launch pads will not lead to your death, use them as a heavyweight/assassin to burst an enemy down.
  • Pam and Penny should place their turrets behind the 5x1 fences and in the bushes to keep the turret alive and have maximum value.
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