Maze Mayhem is an official map for the Takedown event.


The map's center is shaped into a maze with easy access to the end of it through launch pads just outside its walls. Power Cubes spawn in the map's edges as well as Brawlers. The maze has three entrances and one entrance in the center left which accesses the center.


  • There is some risk jumping on the pads as enemies may wait for Brawlers at the landing point and knock them out.
  • Collect some Power Cubes before going in to damage the Boss as it is hard to dodge attacks when the Boss is inside the maze.
  • Rico can use the maze's walls ricochet his bullets, extending his max range drastically. Using his Super Bouncy Star Power, he can land shots on the Boss from across corridors.
  • Sprout can block off the maze's entrances using their Super, allowing them to deal damage to the Boss while others are unable to escape their splash damage. The confined passageways will force them to either retreat or push forward.
  • Destroy the 2nd layer of the maze to allow easy access to the Boss. Most Takedown Brawlers will fall short otherwise.
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