"Max goes fast! Her attack is a fast-firing blaster. Her Super speeds up her and allies!"
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Max is a Mythic Brawler. She has moderate health and damage output, but a very fast movement and reload speed and great burst damage potential. Her primary attack shoots a quick salvo of 4 projectiles in a slight spread. Her Super momentarily boosts her speed and the speed of all allies in range. Her first Gadget, Phase Shifter, allows her to dash a few tiles ahead, becoming completely invulnerable for its duration. Her second Gadget, Sneaky Sneakers, creates a teleport location that she returns to after 4 seconds. Her first Star Power, Super Charged, automatically charges up her Super while she is moving. Her second Star Power, Run n' Gun, increases her reload speed while moving.

Attack: Faster Blaster

"Max's blaster shoots a bunch of projectiles fast! It holds a lot of rounds, and Max is quick with the reload."

Max quickly shoots 4 staggered projectiles from her blaster with a slight spread and a long range. Her blaster has 4 ammo slots that reload rather quickly. The attack takes 0.55 seconds to complete.

Super: Let's Go!

"Max momentarily boosts up her movement speed and that of nearby allies. Gotta go fast!"

Max drinks an energy drink bottle and creates an area of effect around her that boosts the movement speed of her and her teammates by 300 points for 4 seconds. Her teammates will still receive the movement speed buff even after leaving the radius.


Phase Shifter

"Max dashes forward, and becomes immune to all damage from enemies while dashing."

Max dashes 3 tiles in the direction she faces, while also having an immunity shield while dashing. However, she cannot dash across water and will be interrupted if she dashes into a wall.

Sneaky Sneakers

"Max blinks back to a place of her choosing after 4.0 seconds delay, recovering any damage she received in the meantime."

Upon activation, Max places a thunderbolt icon on the ground, gaining a Gadget symbol above her head and a bar that counts down to 4 seconds. After those 4 seconds, she teleports back to the icon with the health she had at activation time. If she has any status effects, such as Crow's poison, she retains the status effect. However, if she is defeated before she teleports, her Gadget charge is consumed, but she will not teleport.

Star Powers

Super Charged

"Max now charges her Super while moving."

When Max moves, her Super automatically recharges, similar to Darryl. Her Super stops charging when she's not moving. If she keeps moving, it takes around 32 seconds to fully charge up, unless there's a speed boost in effect, which increases the Super charge rate.

Run n' Gun

"Max reloads faster while moving."

Max reloads her main attack slightly faster than normal when moving. This is affected by Max's speed; she reloads faster if she has a speed boost, like her Super, than if she doesn't. Her reload speed is approximately 11% faster when moving at regular speed, and 15.767% faster with her Super.


  • Max can act like an assassin, using her fast reload and movement speed to burst enemies down. After getting within range, follow and chip away at enemies until Max can land a final blow.
  • Max's Super can be used to catch up to fleeing enemy Brawlers or ensure an easier escape from pursuing enemies. This makes her good with guerrilla tactics because she can get in, deal a lot of damage, and get out before she gets dealt any serious damage.
  • In Brawl Ball, use Max's Super to rush past the opposing team's defense and score.
  • To maximize the usage of Max's Star Powers, do not stand still. Even spinning in place can make use of the Star Powers.
  • Max's main attack has a range similar to Tara's, and while it doesn't do much damage, the fact that Max has 4 ammo slots, coupled with her much faster movement speed, means she can provide suppressive fire against enemies to prevent them from healing.
  • Max's Super Charged Star Power works better in team events like Gem Grab or Hot Zone where Max will need to play as a support. Her Run n' Gun Star Power allows her to maintain the damage output of a typical sharpshooter and is preferred in Special Event modes like Boss Fight and Robo Rumble where her First Star Power charges her Super much less efficiently than normal.
  • Max can use her first Gadget to absorb a hard-to-destroy projectile, like Nani's Peep or Tick's Super, for a teammate in order to help them. This however requires precise timing.
  • Even though Max’s Phase Shifter Gadget prevents damage from enemies, she can still be slowed or stunned.
  • Max's Sneaky Sneakers Gadget allows her to play aggressively for 4 seconds without major repercussions. After dropping it on the ground, take time pressuring enemies before returning to her original location for better opportunities. Do note that high-damaging enemies can ambush you when you teleport.

Voice Lines

Spawning In The Lead Receiving Damage Defeating An Enemy Defeated Attacking Activating A Super
"Let's go, come on, zip zip!"
"Yes yes yes yes!"
"Sorry, didn't see you there."
"Hey! What happened?"
"Max energy!"
"Go go go go!"
"Why is everyone so slow?"
"Did someone hit me?"
"Try to keep up."
"Crashing, crashing!"
"Turn it to max."
"No time, gotta move."
"In the lead, winning, number one, best of the best, whoo!"
"Who did that?"
"See ya!"
"Time, to slow, down."
"Free energy!"
"Three two one BLAST OFF!"
"This is just the warm-up, right?"
"Need more energy drink."
"Faster than lightning."
"Energy levels, critical."
"Max to the max!"
"Turbo time."
"Kablam pow zap sizzle!"
"Sugar crash!"


  • 18/12/19:
  • 21/12/19:
    • Max became available to play in matches. Neutral
  • 1/1/20:
    • Max's Star Power Run n' Gun was added. Neutral
  • 3/1/20:
    • The GT Max skin was added. Neutral
  • 23/1/20:
    • Max's main attack damage was increased to 300 (from 250) per bullet. Buff
    • Her Super's speed boost granted to teammates who enter the radius within 1 second (rather than instant). Buff
    • Her Run n' Gun efficiency was decreased by 25%. Nerf
    • Her class was changed to Support (from Fighter). Neutral
  • 17/3/20:
    • Max's health was decreased to 3400 (from 3500). Nerf
    • Her Run n' Gun efficiency was decreased by 17%. Nerf
    • Her Gadget Phase Shifter was added. Neutral
  • 26/3/20:
    • Max's health was decreased to 3200 (from 3400). Nerf
  • 16/6/20:
    • Max's main attack damage was increased to 320 (from 300) per bullet. Buff
  • 2/7/20:
    • The Streetwear Max skin was added. Neutral
  • 10/9/20:
    • The number of hits necessary to charge her Super was decreased to 12 (from 14). Buff
  • 22/10/20:
    • Max's Run n' Gun efficiency was decreased by 50%. Nerf
  • 23/10/20:
    • Max's Gadget Sneaky Sneakers was added. Neutral
  • 11/12/20
    • The Cony Max skin was added. It was featured as a Line Friends skin. Neutral


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